Alright, first of all, let's get this settled. I am 5'11". I know this isn't insanely tall compared to a lot of girls, but I'm taller than all of my friends, so I include myself in the "tall" camp.

Personally, I'm pretty sure that 5'11'' is the most unfortunate height because I'm one inch shy of 6 feet and one inch too tall to be a Rockette (because my height is obviously the only thing stopping my rhythmically challenged self from being a professional dancer).

If you relate to either of these struggles, you know you're tired of hearing these 12 things.

1. "OMG you're so tall!"

Really? I hadn't heard.

2. "You should play basketball/volleyball"

Every tall girl has probably heard some variation of this statement a million times in her life, and if she isn't already playing a sport, it's probably a safe bet that she doesn't want to.

3. "How's the weather up there?"

I'm not a skyscraper. I promise we're still on the same level weather wise.

4. "You're lucky you're tall because you can hide weight easier"

It also means that, if you're not stick-skinny, it's nearly impossible to buy clothes that fit like you want them to, but thanks, I guess?

5. "You're too tall to wear heels!"

Why don't you step up on a box and say that to my face? I can wear whatever I want to, thank you very much. Am I going to wear five-inch stilettos? No. Am I going to wear a two-inch wedge? Probably.

6. "I bet it's hard to find a man taller than you"

Why yes, yes it is. And it doesn't help that short girls like you who are asking need to STAY IN YOUR LANE and date short boys so that us tall girls have a chance.

7. "Your spirit animal is... a giraffe!"

Giraffes are cool (tall people/animals unite!), but really? Is that the best you could come up with?

8. "Is everyone in your family that tall?"

Well, I'm not some freak of nature, so odds are yes, at least one person in my immediate family is also tall.

9. "Oh let's go shopping at *store that only sells clothes for average height people*"

Mmmmmm... let's not.

10. "The hotel shower is so nice! You'll love it!"

I don't think you understand just how fake that statement is.

11. "Why don't you ever buy clothes in the store at *insert popular store* instead of online?"

Because they don't sell anything in tall in the store, that's why. They cater to short people.

12. "I didn't know girls could even be that tall"

Well, here I am, disproving all of your expectations and theories. Thanks for pointing that out to me like I wasn't already self-conscious.

13. "So *famous athlete* is EVEN taller than you?"

Yes. Believe it or not, I am not even close to the tallest person to ever walk the Earth.