An Open Letter To Michigan State
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An Open Letter To Michigan State

Spartans will... but they didn't this year.

An Open Letter To Michigan State

Dear Michigan State,

I'm sitting in my dorm room, staring with disbelief at my bracket. I'm still not sure how we got here. Do you know how this happened? Cause I don't.

I had you winning in both of my brackets, and here you go losing in the first round. Your loss to Middle Tennessee has got to be one of the most frustrating, disappointing losses in all of Spartan basketball history. I bet you've heard, but a lot of people are calling for your head coach, Tom Izzo, to retire.

Like I said, I just don't know what happened Friday night. But, I don't think the loss calls for Izzo to step down. This loss was a complete shock; completely out of character for you guys. I don't think anyone of you did your best on Friday night, Coach Izzo included. But, I think you all would benefit from having Izzo's experience and coaching skill heading into the tournament next year (hopefully ending with a different result). So, I hope you're not blaming him for your loss; it was a team effort.

Denzel Valentine, Bryn Forbes and Matt Costello... I expected pretty big things from you three. I can't say you guys had a bad game, because you didn't. But, you just didn't go on to make the deep run that all of us expected you to. I know that the Spartans are going to be back with a vengeance next year, I'm just disappointed that you guys won't be there to see your team to the championship. I know this loss is a big one, and I can't even imagine your disappointment, but be proud of your season; it is one to be proud of.

This was the eighth time a number 2 seed lost to a number 15 seed in the NCAA; the last time it happened was in 2013 when FGCU beat Georgetown. FGCU went on and made it to the Sweet Sixteen. I don't like Mid Tennessee, but I think it would be awesome to see them go far in the tournament. If this year is going to be a year of upsets, let the upsets continue. I think it would be more disappointing for you guys to see Mid Tennessee lose early on, because then it's almost like you lost for nothing. But, if they go pretty far, you lost to a team that was kicking ass, and I feel like that would give you at least a little more comfort than losing to a team who didn't even make it past the second round.

This loss was a big one. We, as fans, are so disappointed. I can't even imagine how you all must feel. But, what's done is done. And there is no doubt in my mind that Izzo will have you all back and ready for next season.

Who knows, I might even pick you guys to win it all next year. Please don't let me down (again).

You guys are gonna be back with a vengeance, and I look forward to watching.

Spartans Will.

Katie DeSimone

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