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7 On-Screen Couples That Show How Relationships Should Be Off The Screen

Don't lie. We watched them. We loved them. We secretly wanted to be them.

7 On-Screen Couples That Show How Relationships Should Be Off The Screen

From the TV screen to our hearts, these on-screen couples gave us all the feels. Some gave us hope for the future, some gave us hope for a lover and a best friend in one, but they all left us craving a love like that. These on-screen couples are definitely the definition of "goals."

1. Allie and Noah- "The Notebook"

Let's start with the originals. The love story we all want. The struggles, the sadness, Ryan Gosling. The 1940's summer romance of two teens from different social classes falling for each other sums up to a romance for the ages. The tragic breakup just to find each other again gives us all the feels and hope that it'll find us too. Not to mention, who wouldn't want a man to build a house just for us?

2. Jim and Pam- "The Office"

Oh my gosh! Jim and Pam. Two people, young and at a job they don't really care for, find friendship and then love. All the years of pranks, high fives, and glances across the room finally led up to the "best friends falling in love" story we almost all want to find.

3. Chuck and Blair- "Gossip Girl"

Let's face it, who doesn't want an Upper East Side romance, or a Chuck Bass? This late- teen romance between both the bad boy and the mean girl shows both of their soft sides and makes us all love our own version of a boy with a good heart and a hard exterior. The drama and their up and down relationship gave for a good, passionate romance that revolved around one "I love you."

4. Ross and Rachel- "Friends"

Even though they couldn't see it, these two FRIENDS were meant to be together from the start. Through the ups and downs, and the infamous break, their love prospered and gave hope that love survives through it all. Their happiness around one another is just another example of why your lover and your best friend are one in the same.

5. Topanga and Cory- "Boy Meets World"

Falling in love with your best friend is one thing, but falling in love with your childhood best friend is even better. Cory and Topanga were each other's first kiss and most importantly first loves, and despite their ups and downs, they were undoubtedly meant for each other.

6. Nathan and Haley Scott- "One Tree Hill"

From high school, to marriage, to the most adorable son ever, Nathan and Haley were our constants through One Tree Hill. The unlikelihood of their dating in high school just made it even more sweet to show the soft side of Nathan Scott. The undying love of Nathan and Haley through ups and downs most couples couldn't face is the reason that they are the ultimate high school sweet heart goals.

7. Troy and Gabriella- "High School Musical"

Take your average jock and geek in high school love story, add in singing, dancing, and a mean girl, and you have us all looking for our own "Start of Something New." From singing karaoke at a ski lodge with a stranger to Zac Efron climbing up to your window to have a picnic in your bedroom floor, Troy and Gabriella always and will always have us singing and swooning.

So despite which couple is your favorite, they all have something we might crave. However, don't leave forever love to the TV screen, but put yourself out their and find it yourself. You never know, you may find your own version of love that everyone else may consider "goals."

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