A Letter To My High School Best Friends

Best years of our life right? That’s what they’ve always said. Here I am, senior year of college and it’s crazy to look back at the old year book and see how far we’ve come. Some of us are all on our senior year of college, others are working full-time, some are already done and career bound. It is absolutely bizarre to think that at one point the only care in the world was what we we were going to wear during spirit week, what class we would skip for breakfast or who would we sit with at lunch.

I love going on Facebook or Instagram and seeing where everyone is with their lives. Seeing the new boyfriends, friends, and places everyone is. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about you guys. I’d say we’ve all gone our separate ways, but I’m the one who left. By this, I mean I just lost contact. I got caught up with college, internships, and am still hungry for a successful career. One of the many sacrifices I’ve had to make and one that can’t be fixed.

I’ve been reassured by a number of people that this is bound to happen. High school is just one phase of your life and that there is a life filled of adventure and new people ahead. I live for this concept and crave to see new places and meet new people.

I know you guys still see each other from time to time and make that time to do that. I love seeing that you guys still get together and have that connection. I don’t have that connection anymore. It’s unfortunate, but if I saw you guys, I would choke. I’d know what I would want to say; ask about your families, siblings, pets and catch up about everything under the sun. In the moment, I’d be awkward and most likely just be sad. It’s just a reminder that the bond we shared for more than a decade just dissipated over time.

My goodness, I have the best memories with you all from late night car rides with High School Musical blaring to freezing Friday night football games in the bleachers. My parents still ask about you all and I say that you all seem to be doing well. Everyone in their own niche achieving and striving for a beautiful and successful future. I could not be more proud of each of you. I am your silent cheerleader behind a screen that is cheering you on when you get an award, another achievement with college/career, or has boyfriend goals (WOO THERE YOU GO, THAT’S MY FRIEND HELL YA).

I still have that one photo we all took from junior prom in the purple frame with “Best Friends,” written in glitter glue. It has been in my room at home, to my dorm room, and now my apartment. It makes the rounds and will continue to do so for a long time.

I guess the moral of this letter was to say that I miss you. I miss the times we all had. Also, to thank you. Each of you helped shape the person that I am today. You played a vital role in how I value friendships, the importance of honesty, and creating a little family within your friends. You all gave me a hell of a childhood through my teen years. From the days of cheerleading to track, and volleyball to surviving school and spontaneous beach trips. We valued each other and each had our own connections to one another.

Here’s what I have to say. Keep going. Keep going after the goals you have and don’t give up no matter how out of reach they may be. Go be that EMT, or big time accountant. Never settle for anything less than I know you deserve. No matter where you end up in life, don’t forget to look back at the great times that got you there. My time in college is coming to an end soon and I’m taking the time to go back through what got me here and you guys were my catalyst. You were my beginning.
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