To My Ex-Best Friend

To My Ex-Best Friend

We grew up and grew apart.

To the person who used to know all my secrets,

I still wish you the best. I still hope you can find someone to dance with you to a Disney song at your wedding, and someone who likes the same college football team as you so you can raise your children in a unified household. I still hope you land your dream job and I still think your mother is a saint. I hope you're happy wherever you are and I hope that you've gotten everything you've ever wanted. And I hope you found someone who was a better fit for you and the direction your life was going than I was.

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Whether it was a boy, a fight, or just plain old growing apart, I am sorry if you still harbor any ill will towards me. I have none for you, and I am sorry for whatever it is that causes you to still hold any towards me. We grew together, and then we grew apart, it happens, it's sad, but it's a part of life. You helped me continue on in the race, but you were never intended to help me across the finish line. I'm not mad, I don't blame you, I just get a little sad when I'm full of nostalgia and can't reach out to you and say "remember that time when.."

Everyone we meet is either supposed to serve as a lifelong bond or a lesson, and you were the latter. The lesson could have been a good one, or it could have been a heartbreaking one, but either way thank you. There is nobody else I would want to be a lesson than someone I created as many memories with. You are a lesson that I'll never forget, just like our memories will be ones that I tell my children one day. You haven't been erased just because you're no longer in my life.

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Thank you for the valuable advice you gave me, for the time you spent with me, and for helping me discover who I was as a person. I'm sorry that the people we became weren't compatible but I'm not sorry about the journey that brought us to this conclusion.

My mom still asks about you, because despite the possibility that we might have gotten in a nasty fight, I never told her the dirty details. I didn't want to taint you in her eyes in the event that we find our way back to each other down the road. The door will always be open, you have seen me ugly laugh, and held me when I ugly cry, we have been through things that there is no going back from, and this is an undeniable fact that means you will always be welcome back into my life.

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I secretly hold onto the hope that one day I'll bump into you, all will be forgiven, and we can start being friends again. I've accepted the reality that this isn't going to happen, but I never want you to think you would be insulted or belittled if you did reappear.

I look forward to following your progress through this crazy beautiful life via social media, and tidbits from mutual friends. I hope one day your kids hear stories about me, and can tell you and I had a bond that endured many adventures. I hope you tell them kind things about me and use us as a lesson that while some friends are forever, some aren't and there is nothing wrong with that.

Just know I pray for your happiness, I wish nothing but good things for you, and I hope you found some other amazing best friends like I did.


That girl who used to be in all your pictures

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To The Extrovert Who Adopted This Introvert

If it weren't for you, I'd still be in my room.

Hello Dearest Friend,

It is I, the sweet little hermit whom the world didn't see much of before you came along. I wanted to take the time to thank you for seeing me and pulling me out of my cozy room and out into the brilliant world of socializing, friendships, and adventure!

Before you, a wild night would have looked like me staying up past my ten o’clock bedtime for an assignment. Or reading a non-academic book instead of studying. My schedule was consistent and lacking in social flare, I was predictable and didn’t do crazy things.

But then you came along.

There have been so many nights where my inner-introvert was very much awake, and very much in charge. I would hole up in my cozy bed and hunker down to watch some Grey’s. Then you would come along with some delightful adventure planned up, and not take my sorry “no..” for an answer. If you hadn’t made such an effort to get me off my bum and out of bed, the chances are really good that I’d still be there.

If socialization was a pool, I had historically been splashing around in the shallow end. But when we became friends, you showed me how fun and exciting the deep end can be. Yes, it takes extra effort, and it can be scary when your feet don’t touch the bottom. But after one little jaunt into the deep end, the shallow water just seems so, well, shallow! You showed how fulfilling the deep waters of friendship can be.

You showed me how to loosen up and let loose! It’s okay to yell and laugh in public. It’s okay to run around in a grocery store. It’s okay to goof around in public with friends. And it’s fun. There’s a time for everything, and you showed me how to take time to have fun.

But most importantly, you just listen. Before you, I had always carried my burdens on my own – all of my thoughts, feelings, and pain. You showed me that friends share each other’s burdens, and I’m so grateful for that.

So basically, friend, I just wanted to say thank you for coaxing me out of my shell and introducing me to this truly wonderful world. I love you, dear!

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Jared

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14 Things You Miss About Your Roommate When You Have A College Break

A text cannot simply substitute for the hang outs and the random adventures.

Leaving for break is never easy when you have a roommate that you are close with. It’s sort of crazy and in a way, fate, that you and your roomie ended up together. Forced to live together, but bonding over the weird, obnoxious, random, funny things you do together.

My roommate became one of my close friends who I trust and can go to with anything, and with a college break, you already know we are texting each other every single life update. Sort of like a play-by-play of a football game, but it’s a week long.

A text cannot simply substitute for the hang outs and the random adventures, so here are 14 things I miss about my roommate while we are on break.

1. Saying “Good morning!” to each other in the most obnoxious way

2. Going to the gym together

3. Morning motivational speeches. “Make new friends. Learn new things.”

4. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome back from class!

5. Boy talk. And I mean real boy talk to the point where we are playing charades acting out the whole story line.

6. Sending each other a video on Facebook (because we are across the room, duh.), then looking at each other dying laughing.

7. The laughs. Even if they’re fake, they turn real.

8. Breaking rules. Ok, so we lit a candle. Watch out, we got crazy today!

9. Coffee dates.

10. Getting ready together in the mornings. I don’t have my go to gal to tell me my hair and makeup look OK, and I have to pick out my outfits alone…

11. Random bursts of energy.

12. References to random TV shows. “OMG he is totally Schmidt from New Girl.”

13. Grabbing dinner together.

14. Surprises. Whether it’s cleaning each other’s dishes or getting chocolate for one another, there is always something random we do to make each other’s day.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Sutton

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