Poetry On Odyssey: Ode To My Senior Year Of College

It's the time,

I am almost to end of the climb,

Of my being in school

They say, enjoy your senior year

Take it easy

Pay attention to deadlines

Petitions due!

Piling paperwork and essays!

Tests, midterms, part-time on campus job!

The stress seems to never end

But I'll do what I can

Crossing the stage on my graduation day in a few months

And then job hunt!

Market yourself, they say!

Nervous breakdowns on pre-interview days

I am not there yet

But I am overpreparing

Ready to face rejection emails

But hopeful for any job offers emails

Senior year,

May I learn to embrace the fear

And step into unknown

To change for the better

For my future is mine

And so is every college senior

May we celebrate ourselves at this great time of accomplishment

May we know that our hard work is not ours alone

But also because of great teachers cultivating great minds throughout every stage

Of that journey

Of lifelong education

Thanks Mom and Dad.

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