What to do if you're single for the holidays

10 Things You Have To Do If You Aren't Cuffed This Season

You might not have someone special to share the holidays with, but lucky you, you have complete availability and freedom to own this cuffing season alone.


So what I'm not cuffed this season? That doesn't mean I am going to completely skip out on some of the most fun parts of the holiday's, it just means I'll need to come a little more prepared.

1. Spend some major family time 


It's not like you have anything better to do. Odds are all of your friends are already busy with their S/O's anyway.

2. Buy yourself a hot new outfit and go out


You may not have gotten a new beau for the holidays, but you will be getting that new leopard print shirt and fur coat you've had your eye on and put it to use for a night out.

3. Put a body pillow and a cozy blanket on your Christmas list


I mean you're going to need something to cuddle with on chilly nights, so you may as well.

4. Read a romance novel to keep your standards high


Pick up a Nicholas Sparks novel in your free time to remind yourself how incredibly romantic fictional men are.

5. Avoid any places that might be infested with couples


Probably don't find yourself at any dating hub. It will not go over well for you.

6. Pick up a new hobby


Whether that's painting, knitting or hitting the gym, make it an important factor in your life.

7. Have a Christmas movie marathon with your mom 


This may be an activity you'd usually do with your S/O, but no shame in filling that void with your mom.

8. Don't say no, just get out of the house whenever and with whoever


It doesn't matter if you don't know how to ice skate, get out there and bruise your knees and freeze your butt off. Just get out and be available.

9. Have a plan for when the clock strikes midnight on January first


Maybe you have to take a 'phone call' or 'use the bathroom quick', either way you should probably avoid being caught in the middle of a make out sesh that you're not actually involved in.

10. Have a perfect line to feed your family when they continuously ask why you're still single


"Oh yeah, I really just wanted to focus on myself this year." Even though we all know that's a lie. It's cuffing season and you have no idea why no one cuffed you.

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My First Kiss Was Less Fireworks And More Braces Clashing

Yes, that is a photo of me the night of the magical event.


It all started with my polka-dot bedazzled iPhone 4 sending a group text to my best friend at the time and two boys. One was a friend and one was a crush. They came as a pair as most middle schoolers do. My friend and I invited the boys to come to a movie with us.

Obviously, my mom would drop us off. We could walk in alone... we were 13... pretty many adults.

The night started with my friend and I getting all dolled up. I had the under part of my hair hot pink and feather extensions paired with side bangs. My outfit chosen to woo my crush was a tie-dye tank top, light wash shorts with diamonds on the pockets, and black fringe sandals. You already know I was wearing Victoria's Secret push-up bra to make sure my A cups were looking just right.

My face was caked with the foundation to cover my acne, a winged liner, lots of lipgloss, and my purple braces. For accessories, I brought my Vera Bradley wristlet attached to a lanyard because I thought it made me look older (I don't understand my thought process either just go with it). In my wristlet, I had my student ID in the clear part to make it look like a real ID. As if anyone thought I was of the age to have a real ID. I must say all together it was truly a look.

To start off my magical evening my friend and I were dropped off downtown Franklin where we at chicken fingers at McCreary's Irish Pub. We then walked to Sweet CeCe's because my mom was a little late picking us up. We then drove to the movie theater.

My mom dropped us off and we went in looking so fly. We bought our tickets and met the boys in the arcade. It was super romantic, duh. We went into the movie and things didn't go as planned. The guy I had a crush on saw some other girls he knew and... he went to sit with them.

Obviously, I was devastated.

First kiss boy, no offense, but you weren't the first choice for the movie date. So, I and first kiss boy sat next to each other. The arm went around my shoulders, he put his hat on me, and that was truly the done deal. I know my ladies swooned at a guy putting his sweaty flat bill on you in middle school. Don't even try to deny it. Anyways, he kissed me. It was gross, lots of lip gloss and lots of braces. I'm pretty sure it lasted about five seconds.

And that was it. The magical moment I had dreamed of after watching every chick flick and Disney movie turned out to be kinda gross and no fireworks went off. Definitely didn't have a Princess Mia foot pop.

Even though it wasn't a fairytale I wouldn't change a thing. First kisses are funny and are meant to be kinda icky. Shout out to you first kiss boy. Thanks for a super weird experience.

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When It Comes To Love, Listen To Your Intuition

Your intuition has your back in love.


Love is one of the most beautiful gifts you could ever give to yourself. And, being able to share this beautiful energy with another is also one of the most beautiful gifts you could give to yourself.

Romance is indeed beautiful. But, it can also be one of the most painful experiences you could ever put yourself through.


When you're with someone your soul doesn't resonate with.

Your soul knows what actions and people are right for you. And it speaks to you through your intuition. Yes, your intuition. That little voice in your head that truly wants what is good for your soul. What your intuition is guiding you to do can be very different from what your mind desires as instant gratification. Being with someone in the present moment, just to avoid that feeling of being alone and single, may feel satisfying at THAT moment. But, if that person doesn't truly resonate with your intuition, it will feel off. Trust me. I know.

That feeling… when you're with someone that doesn't feel quite right, but you still stay... it's one of the most unsettling feelings in the world. It's incredibly shaking to ignore the callings of your soul for someone who isn't quite right for you.

For, if you're with someone who doesn't feel right, then you are preventing yourself from finding and being with someone who does feel right.

If you are realizing that you are with someone who doesn't feel quite right, I'm sincerely asking you to look at your relationship. There is more to love than this. I promise. True love is when you're with someone who feels right, not almost right. I know a part of you is hurting by staying in a relationship that doesn't feel right. And a part of you feels afraid to leave. In this situation, it hurts to stay, but it also hurts to leave. If the person you are with doesn't resonate with your soul, I am sincerely asking you to leave. I know it's going to hurt to leave right now, but in the long run, it'll be one of the best decisions you could ever make for yourself. Your intuition is truly looking out for you, even though following it may feel terrifying at the moment.

Calling on my own personal experience, I was in a relationship that my soul didn't resonate with. My intuition kept on telling me that I was settling, not because the person I was with was a terrible person, but because I deserved a better fit for me - someone who felt right, not almost right. But, I kept on ignoring my intuition, until I lost myself in a relationship that felt incredibly wrong to me. The person I was with fit all the checkmarks my mind wanted in a guy, but my soul never felt right with having him as a partner. Yet, I chose to ignore my intuition's guidance.

For, in front of me was a boy telling me he wanted to love me. Even though it didn't feel quite right, I wanted it to, so I stayed. And staying when I wanted to leave was one of the most painful experiences my heart could feel. It left me doubting love itself, and if love was even real. When the relationship ended, I felt intense betrayal. Not only from the boy who had cheated on me but betrayal from myself. For, my intuition knew he wasn't truly right for me, yet I consciously chose to ignore it instead of listening to my wise, inner guidance which knew he wasn't truly invested in me.

Your intuition knows who is good for you. But, when you ignore it, you are settling for something that isn't truly love. You can never find your true love by ignoring the signs of your intuition.

So, ask yourself, do you want true love? Truly? Then follow the guidance of your intuition. All it wants is what is good for you, not only at this moment but in the long run. I promise it'll be worth it.

You deserve a love that feels right, not almost right.

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