This fall semester, I have been blessed.

I do not have an early morning class.

For the record, I consider "early morning classes" anything before 10 am.

This is the ideal schedule for any student, especially ones who aren't morning people, like me.

However, that doesn't mean I've been sleeping till noon for the past five days since I've gone back to school. I have stayed in bed on my phone and fallen back asleep until ten, but that's different.

I am trying to actually do things this semester since I have spent 2018 actually doing things. And if I am going to actually do things, I can't sleep in.

So here is a list of things that I have decided to spend my mornings doing, and that you might want to do as well if you don't have morning classes.

1. Do laundry

We almost never have time to do laundry. It takes a while and college washers and dryers are never great. If you have a few hours free in the morning, get laundry done. The machines will likely be open and you won't have to rush.

2. Go food shopping

Chances are, your college is near some kind of convenience store. And chances are, that store is likely going to be open in the mornings, and has things you might need to own in the near future. So take a walk down there and buy the things you need.

3. Catch up on homework

Look, we all procrastinate. Even geniuses. And it is way easier to get homework done before you've gone to classes, than after when you're all wiped out and need a shower.

4. Listen to podcasts

If you have read my Odyssey articles, which you all should be doing, you know that I love podcasts. Once I discover a new podcast, I try to download any episode that has an interesting description, no matter how old it is. Because of this, I have a lot of podcasts that I recently downloaded and have not listened to. This past week I have caught up on some of my favorites, All The Fixins, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and LadyGang, to be exact. And it feels great. Also, you can do other things on this list while listening to podcasts.

5. Go to your school's gym/workout

We all try to stay in shape during the school. However, unless you're an athlete or play a club sport, it's difficult. Especially if you stress eat junk food, like me. Chances are, your school has some type of fitness center, so head there after breakfast and get a good 20-30 minute workout then.

6. Go out for breakfast

We've established that college food sucks. So, if you have time, money, and a good local breakfast place, go there.

7. Manage your social media

We all need to do it, and you might as well do it earlier than while you're in class.

8. Netflix

"Netflix and chill" might be one of those phrases on the internet that I never want to hear again, but the idea of watching Netflix, or whatever streaming service you subscribe to while relaxing is pretty fun. And it's a low-energy activity to start the day.

9. Write (maybe an Odyssey article)

I am one of those people who write for fun, and writing something fun and not super crucial is very enjoyable. Also, I tend to write my Odyssey articles in the mornings. If you join the Odyssey you get to write fun articles every week, and your mood will improve.