My roommate is so awesome and I couldn't ask for a better one. But all of us need some space in college and sometimes it feels like you can't get it between living in the dorms and going to class in a full lecture hall. Here are some easy ways to clear your mind and refresh before you lose your head and argue about something as little as a yogurt out of place in the mini fridge.

1. Call up your friends

Get a group of your friends together to go get food, put on some face-masks, watch some Netflix, or all three. You'll get quality time with your friends and a break from your roommate.

2. Join some clubs

Get involved on campus! This will not only help you meet like-minded people, but it will also give you time away from your small room while giving your roommate space as well.

3. Go to the library

Obviously homework isn't the first thing you think of to 'refresh.' But, you've got to do it anyways. Plus, it can sometimes be problematic to study in your room if you need absolute silence to study, but your roommate is watching Friends. So, head to that study room, coffeeshop, or library and get some work done while getting some time to yourself!

4. Do some laundry

Again, not the most fun thing to do. But make the most of it! Grab a yummy snack, bring down your laptop, put on your favorite show and get some chores done while you kickback. Multitasking is key!

5. Go to the gym

Hop on a treadmill and get those endorphins going! It will not only make you feel better and look fit for when you have to see family and old friends over break, but will also help you relieve stress and get that 'you' time!

6. Talk to your roommate

If you and your roommate are starting to get on each other's nerves by the end of this semester, start next year fresh by communicating what things bug you and need to change. Maybe even arrange times or ways you can coexist better and respect each other's habits and space. Communicating with the person you share a space with is so important, especially because you may be getting on their nerves too!