Why Nick Saban Is The Ultimate Father Figure

Why Nick Saban Is The Ultimate Father Figure

Nick Saban is the dad we all need.

Nick Saban is the best coach in the SEC and can be considered as the best coach in all of College Football. He is a one of a kind coach who can get the most out of his players in important game time situations. How is Saban always able to get constant results out of his players? It's simple, its because he cares about them.

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Nick Saban is known for giving very dull interviews, but if you listen how he talks about his players you would know how much he cares about them. He holds them to a higher standard than most programs do. Coaching holds a much bigger role in College than it does in the NFL. It is important for these College coaches to develop these young men into football players with character and integrity.

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Nick Saban was recently criticized by ESPN and many other mainstream networks for not punishing his players more often for their wrongdoings. To the mainstream audience, Saban should be more hard on his players, but after watching an interview with him, I understand why he is not. He knows all of his players better than us speculating ever could. He spends endless amounts of time with them and knows what is best for them.

Discipline is not always in the form of punishing and this is about development of character more than it is anything else. Nick Saban knows how to develop young men in the best way possible, hence the title of the article. You can tell by the way the players talk about him, how much he means to that program. Alumni in the NFL have credited their professional stardom to Saban for all he has done developing them on the field and off the field.

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We all wish we had someone like Nick Saban in our life, someone who always knows whats best for us. It is what makes him so successful.

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What It's Like To Grow Up Loving Football

As a girl of course

I grew up loving football, I was in Stillwater for my first Bedlam game at just three months old.

I grew up admiring Randall Cunningham, aspiring to be as ruthless as Ronnie Lott, and hoping to hold my own like Barry Sanders.

My dad showed me Philadelphia Eagles games from the 1990’s and I thought it was the most amazing athleticism I had ever seen. At this young age, I knew that football would be the sport most important for my dad to teach me. At an early age, my dad and I ran routes in the cul-de-sac and I could throw a beautiful spiral. My dad was also a famous, small-town athlete and he tried to teach me everything he knew. I really just knew it would be important for me to hold my own at recess, playing football was a really big deal on the playground. In my little mind, I really thought I was able to hold my own and that I was actually the best. Although it probably was not true I like to think it was.

I always loved fall Saturday mornings watching College Gameday at home. It was the most special family tradition of ours, football is borderline ritualistic for us. It brings us together more than I think it does for most three-member families. My mom has already requested that when we make her documentary Tom Rinaldi will narrate her life story.

College football has made me cry tears of joy more times than the average teenage girl. I love everything about football besides the injuries. I love the underdogs, the rivalries, and the sportsmanship or lack thereof that makes for a great game.

The NFL Draft has always been a tradition in my house--every round we've watched and even correctly predicted picks. Growing up I always thought I would end up in a draft room, never say never.

Last but not least, I thankfully grew up with an amazing high school football coach. Allan Trimble, he taught his players how to be amazing young men of faith, family, and football. No, I did not play football, but I was a manager in high school. I thankfully got the honor of learning from the best.

I’m thankful for the years spent with my dad watching football, the amazing high school football team and coaches, and for being so knowledgeable about one of the best sports America has to offer.

Cover Image Credit: Everypixel

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