New Orleans, Home Sweet Home
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New Orleans, Home Sweet Home

New Orleans, the Heart of Louisiana, home to the best food, activities, music and fashion.

New Orleans, Home Sweet Home

Louisiana is known for some of the best chefs, artists, music, fashion and the best overall experience when visiting. New Orleans is the heart of this great state and its one of the frequent places tourist visit throughout the year. Almost every month of the year there is some big event going on in New Orleans from a festival, concert, fair, plays, balls and parades. Each month brings about different activities and events. In the following article, I will discuss some of the best of things about New Orleans.

Mardi Gras

Each year the date for Mardi Gras varies. Its usually in February or March. It will be held on February 9 for the year 2016. To explain Mardi Gras to someone that's not from New Orleans is sometimes one of the hardest things to do. Some people don't understand why we get excited over catching beads, teddy bears and sometimes food when you can go to the store and buy them yourself. For people from New Orleans, its the experience that matters to us. Some of the top parades people attend include Krewe of Bacchus, Krewe of Muses, Krewe of Endymion, the Zulu Parade and the Truck Parade. Each parade draws a different crowd but everyone is there is to see the well decorated floats and costumes, catch beads and teddy bears, listen to high school and college bands perform, and best of all take part in eating some Carnival food. On each parade route there are vendors selling food and different toys and costumes such as light up hats and play swords. Mardi Gras wouldn't be the same without having some King Cake to go along with it. A King Cake is nothing more then a big cinnamon roll decaorted in Mardi Gras colors: Purple, Green and Yellow. Depending on where you buy your King Cake, you have the option of having it filled with creme or jelly. But everyone knows Randazzo sells the best of King Cakes of all time.

Festival Time

Each month of the year, there is a festival being held either in New Orleans or another part of Louisiana. Some of the most popular festivals held in New Orleans includes: Jazz and Heritage Festival, Essence Festival, French Quarter Festival and the New Orleans Oyster Festival. My favorite festival which is held in St. Bernard Parish, is the Crawfish Festival. The Crawfish Festival is held in March, just in time for Crawfish season. Besides enjoying dishes inspired by crawfish, many people come out for the carnival rides and live concerts. One of the most famous festivals held in New Orleans, is Essence Festival. It is held every year during Fourth of July weekend beginning that Thursday and ending on that Sunday. This festival brings in people from around the world because the Essence Fest is centered around black excellence and features some of the best performers, musicians and speakers. No matter what you like, from food to music to plays and books, there is a festival out there to meet your needs.

New Orleans Saints and Pelicans

One of the best times of the year, is football season. This is when New Orleans Saints fans can rock their Black and Gold and cheer our beloved Saints football team to a victory. If you've never been to a live football game in the New Orleans Superdome, I suggest you make that happen. Nothing compares to being able to cheer and hype your favorite players on while attending a game against some of famous rivalries such as the Atlanta Falcons also known as the Dirty Birds and Dallas Cowgirls, I mean Cowboys.Even with the Saints we can't forget about our lovely basketball team, the New Orleans Pelicans. Once known as the Hornets but after revamping, they are now presented as the Pelicans with a new mascot and colors: navy blue, red, white and gold. The Pelicans home court is located at the Smoothie King Arena which is right by the Superdome, they are both located in the center of downtown New Orleans. When visiting New Orleans, one must partake in Saints football game or Pelicans basketball game.


Food, food and more food

One thing about New Orleans, on every corner and block there is a restaurant or hole in the wall diner waiting with some of best food in the world. Everyone knows New Orleans is known for the best creamy red and beans and rice, spicy and full of meat gumbo, finger licking seafood and some of the best overstuffed po-boys in the world. People come from all around the world to get a taste of beignets, snowballs, jambalaya, pralines, shrimp creole and crawfish etoufee. Food in New Orleans holds up its on standards. I run home on every break just to indulge in the foods I can't get when I'm at school in Monroe. The best part of my trip is bringing back leftovers to have when I'm missing that down south flavor.


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