You May Have Never Had A Boyfriend, But There Are 3 Reasons You Are Completely OK
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You May Have Never Had A Boyfriend, But There Are 3 Main Reasons You Are Completely OK

When the time is right, the time is right.

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Ladies, ladies, ladies... if your reading this, this means that you may be feeling lonely in your love life. Personally, myself as a college student and having a part-time job, I know it is easy for me to become busy. But with all of that going on, I know I can't be the only one that thinks about their love life all the time. Sometimes we may think is there something wrong with us? Are we unattractive? Do I stink? What is going on here...?

1. Self-Love

This may be nature's way/God's way of saying right now you need to see what is going on with you. It could be a sign of needing to check on our self-love. We get so blinded by trying to always spread the love to family, friends, and that special crush. But in the end, you have to ask yourself, "wait. Am I happy with myself? Do I even love myself enough?" At the moment we tend to not think about that, because we are so blinded by "lust" for what we think is love. Once we find that special crush, we tend to get a natural high. It feels so wonderful but it is only temporary because we are trying in every way to feel the feeling of love, but not actually creating the love within yourself. Self-love is very important. Let me explain something. So, yes, say you get into a relationship when you really don't love "yourself".

As your in the relationship you feel "happy". The happiness is of course real because you got what you wanted. But do you really need it at that time? I feel this is why there are a lot of girls have insecurities, especially when it comes to guys. It all comes from low self-esteem and constantly thinking about what guys think about them. All guys are different. They have certain things that they look for in a girl. Some guys simply go for the physicalness of a girl and only wanting her for that. If your only worried and spending extra time out of your day trying to look good and show out for guys to get attention, those are the type of guys you are gonna attract.

If you take it easy, stay humble, and do things that make you joyful in life, you will attract those kind of guys who have the same morals and values as you, and that is what you want. You will be the best version of yourself to give to that other person. It's going to make the experience of sharing love in a relationship so much more better.

2. The Right Timing

Kinda the same concept as having self-love first. Timing is crucial to sustain a long-term relationship with someone. I have heard relationships require some time to be put into it, in order for you to get to know someone on a romantic level. If you are at a time in your life where you have too much going on at the moment, its okay to say no and stay friends with someone. You have to make sure you have yourself together before you can share it with someone else. No one wants to come into a relationship completely unorganized or have a lot of things missing within a relationship with each other. You don't want to take on too much on your plate. It can be hard to finish what you started. You can eventually get full then become sick of it all. Take your time with all the things you have going on currently at the moment. Your time will come when it is really the time.

3. Actually Finding The Right One

This is, of course, the biggest one. You can't just go into a relationship with someone who you know is not right for you. Taking it slow is probably the best way to get to know if that one is the one for you. If you take things slow, and you find out he isn't the one for you, that is perfectly okay. You can either stay as his friend or if things get complicated completely move forward to something else for the future. It is better to be going slow with someone and being happy and comfortable, then to be desperate and rush into something that you don't even know is reasonable or not to go through with. Once the one comes, the waiting game immediately becomes worth it, because you found a connection that is very compatible, and you have a high chance of it becoming something even more.

These are 3 ways of why you may have never found a special someone. It is totally okay. There is nothing wrong with you. You are simply in the process of still building your way up. Its never too late to find love.

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