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I live in an absurd semi-fascist daydream, surrounded by brainwashed halfwits name-calling at the command of blubbering old men who get heart palpitations when trying to come to terms with the concept of homosexuality. These people still believe in flying invisible dead guys and a book of semi-related hallucinations and poorly written fables. Everyone believes what their parents believe, and the cycle is too strong for any one person to break. All revolutions fail. Humanity is incapable of holding truth and justice over greed and power. Everyone will claw at whatever ancient nonsense they can dig up to back up their innate prejudices with stone quotes. We are all going to die, and I can’t even stand to fuck people who are anything like me for more than seven months straight. My heroes are dead by suicide and my enemies have control of everything. Women are culturally and historically put down by men and by themselves, and every woman I meet is a black swan event. There is nothing I have learned from a past woman that I can apply to a future woman. Reality is a never-ending avalanche of barely-related chance events devouring each other and shitting out the next celebrity death or office meeting or whatever people are still doing these days. We’re allowed to do things we shouldn’t be allowed to do and we’re not allowed to do things we should be allowed to do. Propaganda and misinformation prevail. Poor, forgotten white trash who have been stomped on by the boot of society and used up by the upper class and their politicians will be the first to tell you that poor people are lazy and rich people who have more than everybody in the entire state of Kentucky deserve what they have because they worked really hard. Everyone gets too political about things and it bums everybody out. Sports are dumb, Ed Sheeran isn’t a very good artist, whole grain tastes like wood chips and vitamins are good for you no vitamins are bad for you no they’re good for you. A lot of people go to Panera Bread in Yale sweatshirts to have stale, catch-up lunches with their exes. Libtard safe-space SJW snowflake whiny petulant do-nothing participation-trophy crybabies. I can’t wait to see what happens when you get into the real world. I’ll kick your ass for calling me violent. I hope we can stop these Muslims so we can get mass-murdered by good old white Catholic American insane people who bought guns legally. We are not good at progress. At the end of this whole thing, robots will do almost everything for us and the majority of the population can live a life of leisure. But there is a huge awkward transitional period, and soon robots will do a lot of jobs that lower class families rely on and everything will be fucked up and there will be a lot of anti-robot talk and confused desperation and I hope we get nuked so we can finally stop going through this over and over. Censorship is the worst way to save the world. Creating a culture where certain thoughts are taboo and not even worth discussion creates an underbelly of people with banned bigoted thoughts who are too intimidated to express them publically around strangers, and these people will find each other and this repression will gradually bubble up until someone as stupid as Donald Trump says that the Time Magazine person of the year should be the man of the year and everyone will cheer, screaming with an abandon, for they have finally won. Bigotry should be weeded out with rational discussion and statistics and anecdotal evidence. No, that’s boring and it probably won’t work. Humanity is toxic, and America is diseased, and no one really knows whose fault it is. Led Zeppelin and pizza and making out can be fun but nothing fun can last forever and nothing does last forever and the human mind is not designed for permanent contentment. You can never have everything you want. Your wants change based on what you have and how long you have it for. We have all lost, and we never even had a chance. No one really knows what happened to Holden Caulfield because J.D. Salinger joined a Buddhist cult he created in his mind and hid himself away from the evils of humanity in a bunker until he died at a very old age. Probably Holden didn’t turn out too great. Humanity relies on alcohol because life is terrible and people are tricky. Sometimes there are more interesting drugs, but Nixon banned them all to get re-elected. I can’t remember most things I’ve done, and I don’t think I did anything today. Art is a waste of time, time is a waste of art, yadda yadda, on and on, etc.

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