Not many people think they're going to find the one on Tinder or Bumble. In fact, the other day on Twitter I was offended by a tweet written by a girl I used to be friends with. It said, "you're delusional if you think you found the one you're supposed to be with on Tinder or Bumble".

I was really offended by this tweet of hers because she was basing this opinion of hers off of her own disastrous Tinder experiences. She was also grouping everyone together as a stereotype. It's kind of like saying that "all African Americans are lazy", which isn't true at all.

Some people purposely go on Tinder to find a serious relationship because they haven't been able to find one by going to bars and school. You just kind of have to put it out there that that's what you want.

In November 2017, I matched with a guy named Vincent who was 21. I didn't think anything would come of it. We talked for a month and a half and finally started to hang out in early January. He asked me to go to my favorite restaurant in Clemson, Brioso. He didn't even know this was my favorite. I wasn't feeling too well, so I asked to just come over to my place. Do you know what he did when we were watching tv in my bedroom? Instead of getting on the bed with me, like every guy that has come over in the past, he sat on the desk chair. And he did this for the next couple times he came over. He finally took me out to Brioso and kissed me for the first time.

Vincent is so different from other guys here and guys I have been with in the past because he is from Canada, so he is a nice refresher from all the southern boys here that all dress the same. He is respectful, caring, and supportive of all my decisions.

He knows how to communicate and share his feelings. He isn't scared to talk about marriage and the future.

He is always down to do anything and everything together. He is very smart and has his stuff together. He works at Clemson University as a research assistant and has a couple of papers published in the library. He is going to grad school here after he graduates.

He is cultured. He has a very wide range of taste in music. He has lived in Belgium, England, and Germany. His dad is French and he can speak French. Very attractive!

So ladies, don't be worried about finding "your guy". He'll come to you. And when he does, it'll be easy and make so much sense.