We've all heard it from someone, at least once in our lives, "Move on. You deserve to be happy. This person is holding you back." Whether the person who is holding us back is an ex, an old friend, or even a family member, sometimes those who tell us to move on are actually giving us the best advice there is. If you're stuck on someone who is only slightly in your life, move on.

If you're stuck on an ex, move on. Maybe (s)he's dating someone new, but you guys still hook up. Maybe the two of you are still single, maybe the two of you go back and forth with each other; neither of you having any clue what you really want. Maybe the two of you don't even speak anymore, but you're still bitter. Just move on.

Stop hooking up. Hooking up with your ex gives you a small pinch of hope that getting back together is a possibility. Hooking up is hurting you because it makes it harder to move on, it holds you back. Stop going back and forth. This is a sign that neither of you are ready, so it's important to move on because there is a reason neither of you are ready and there is a huge possibility that the reason for that is that it's not meant to be. Lastly, stop being bitter. If the thought of your ex leaves a bad taste in your mouth, stop thinking about your ex.

If you're stuck on an old friend, move on. Sure, you guys have great memories, maybe the two of you know things about each other that no one else knows. But if you're stuck on an old friend, unsure if the things this person has done to you are to be easily forgiven, remind yourself that everything should be forgiven but not always forgotten. Sometimes people take advantage of others. If you have an old friend who constantly treats you less than the way you treat him or her, move on. A friendship shouldn't cause heart ache, loneliness, feelings of betrayal, or anything of the like. Friendships are meant to do the exact opposite of those things. If an old friend is holding you back from happiness, move on.

If you're stuck on a family member, move on. Maybe this family member is a parent, who has abandoned you. Maybe it's one who judges you for the decisions you have made, or for the type of person you are. Maybe this family is one who is selfish, only thinking of him or herself, leaving you and others hurt. Sometimes, the best thing that can be done in these situations is to move on. Family should not abandon, judge, or exclude. These family members do not deserve your attention.

Move on, because you deserve to be treated like the beautiful human being you are. Move on, because your heart is stronger than the glue on the bottom of your shoes, keeping you near someone who doesn't benefit you in any way. Move on, because you deserve to be happy and you don't deserve to constantly be wondering if someone will come back, or if someone is going to leave you again, or if someone is going to judge you for something you have no control over. Move on, because you deserve a life full of love and light and laughter.