I must first say that I love my mom very much. I have no idea of where I would be in this world without her. Yes, I have my dad who is also amazing, but my mom is a very important person. Moms, in general, are extremely important individuals. Mother's Day is very special, but it definitely should not be the only time you appreciate your mom.

Your mom may have carried you around for 9 months or maybe your mom is someone who voluntarily took you in, but whatever the circumstance that lovely lady deserves a lot of appreciation. Everyone is not fortunate enough to have moms, or strong womanly figures, in their lives. So, with that being said, if you do then you need to appreciate the heck out of her.

It doesn't take much to make a person happy, especially your own mom. You don't need to get your mom extravagant bouquets from some high-end florist every few months to show appreciation. The littlest things can make your moms day or even week. You can always save the big gifts for Mother's Day to still make it special and just focus on little gifts throughout the rest of the year.

The little things really do matter. Maybe you are home visiting and the dishes need to be done. Do those dishes! It'll make her day. Just spend some time with your mom talking about nonsense, that'll even make her day. If you aren't able to see your mom, then call her a little more than you usually do. The gifts you give your mom do not need to be materialistic. Just expressing your love through little things is truly enough.

Your mom, or whoever the motherly figure in your life is, loves you more than you could ever know. Make sure to let them know that you are thankful for the love you are being given. Let them know their love is definitely not going to waste but is being appreciated.