Money Can't Buy Happiness But It Can Make Me Happy

In the end, money is money. Money isn't and shouldn't be the most important thing in your life but it definitely can play a role. Money may not be able to buy happiness but it can without a doubt buy a lot of things. In our day and age, everyone wants as much money as they can get for all different reasons. So, money may not buy my happiness but money sure can buy a lot of things that can lead to happiness.

Here are 15 things money could buy to make me REALLY happy.

1. Vacation houses, EVERYWHERE

Who doesn't love to travel?

2. Private jet

How am I supposed to get to my vacation houses without a jet?

3. All the makeup in the world

I'm sure if I had all the nice makeup not only would my confidence rise but so would my happiness.

4. No more debt

Nothing to stress about here.

5. Clothes, clothes, and more clothes

Who could ever go wrong with endless clothing?

6. Everyone I know whatever they want

Making others happy also makes me happy

7. Products!

Skin products, hair products, health and fitness products, all of it.

8. Personal chef

Never having to cook again? Sure sounds good to me!

9. An island

Private island life sounds real good.

10. Donate to every charity there ever was

Sharing is caring, people.

11. Live in a different part of the world every year

Traveling would be a second nature.

12. Go to space

That would be awesome.

13. My parents anything they've ever wanted

They deserve it.

14. Provide food and shelter to everyone

People and animals.

15. Try and save the world

I mean, if nobody else is going to try why not.

Of course, most of these things will never happen but it's not a sin to dream about it. If you had all the money in the world what would you do with it?

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