The Generation That Ruined Dating
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I Hate To Admit It, But We Millennials Destroyed The Dating Scene

Today's society is so into image control that we've lost all sense in what a good personality should be like.


It's 2019 and a man's way of picking up a woman is by “sliding" into her DMs. I can name quite a few things wrong with this picture. I truly believe I was born into the wrong generation. I still believe in dates, flowers, drive-in movies, and meeting the whole family. This generation manages to lack the qualities humanity once held in the 1950s. I'm here today to justify why we should go back to old school dating ways.

1. The image we crave is in today's culture is not realistic

For example, you see a girl on Instagram with barely any clothing and a caption that's suppose to be classy and think “wow she's hot." You then proceed to see her in a club during the month of January when it's -12 degrees out in a tight skirt and bra flouncing her fake tan everywhere for attention. This is not the image you should want to be taking home to your mother. Today's society is so into image control, that we've lost all sense in what a good personality should have. We need to relax on the visuals and focus more on the vibes.

2. Dating apps are just for fun

I, myself, am guilty of using apps such as Tinder and Bumble. I have not found any success except a few new friends off of it. It is really easy to pretend to be confident over apps and pretend to be somebody that you are not. This leads me to my next point.

3. Communication is key

I am also a victim of this. I tend to be better at communicating over text message rather than in person. Millennials can't even go on a real first date without taking their phone out. Instead of worrying about it, learn more about your partner. Ask what their favorite objects in life are and if they are passionate about anything. Make Sure you show eye contact to show you're really listening.

4. What do we even consider a date these days?

I'm sorry to my fellow New Jersey folks, but a dusty ass weekend in Atlantic City is not romantic. Now I am all for day dates at Applebee's or even McDonald's, but I would prefer to go to a drive-in movie or even Nifty Fifties for a game of golf followed by a milkshake. If I wanted to get drunk with the slums of and old men of Atlantic City, I would book a room with friends.

5. The thrill of the chase is not real

This is not real people, be straightforward with your feelings, to begin with. Make your intentions are true from the start. Stop ghosting people and just tell them straight up how your feeling, it's only fair.

6. Being alone is an embarrassment according to this generation

I went from a two-year relationship to now being single for over a year and a half. As soon as I became single I went on multiple dates to rebound because I needed the attention and was nervous to be by myself. Flash forward to today I'm perfectly content with being alone until I meet the right one. People are just dating to date and have a companion nowadays, but whatever happened to true love? That's not a connection you can just force on people.

In today's society, I truly believe my generation has destroyed the dating scene and believe we should start a revelation of bringing it back to the days of falling in love with a person for their personality.

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