The day all Angels fans were anxiously waiting for is finally here, Mike Trout has signed a new contract that will guarantee him to be an Angel for the next decade.

I don't know about the rest of you, but as a lifelong Angels fan, I am on top of the world and nothing can bring me down.

Besides being a lifelong Angels fan, I am also a lifelong advocate of athletes from my favorite teams that wear No. 27. My birthday being October 27 might be the reason for that, but we are not getting into that right now.

Let me just start off by saying that when I heard the news and saw the tweet from Jeff Passan, I was like a kid on Christmas morning with stars in my eyes as I see my big gift. This gift is Mike Trout. In an Angels uniform. For a long time. With the biggest contract in all of sports because that's what he deserves. If you think Mike Trout doesn't deserve it, then we can discuss it and you might make the "*Insert your favorite player's name* is better" in which I will shut you down with statistics and true statements. Sorry, but no one wins this argument against me.

If you think Mike Trout deserves a bigger contract, then I definitely agree with you.

He is easily our generation's player and other players around the league also recognize this. It's not just about what this means for baseball, but also for fans like me. Fans that are constantly being made fun of and being taunted about the idea of Trout leaving. This one is for all you haters. With the contract close to being finalized and everyone purchasing their new Trout jerseys to contribute to his contract, it is important for the Angels to do everything in their power to keep this generational franchise player happy. No matter what it takes.

Yes, that means doing everything in their power to build a good team around Trout. A good (and most importantly, healthy) team that can help Mike Trout win a World Series Championship.

The Angels haven't necessarily been the luckiest team in recent seasons with Mike Trout on the team. For example,

2012: 89-73, missed the playoffs.

2013: 78-84, missed the playoffs.

2014: 94-78, swept in LDS vs. Kansas City.

2015: 85-77, missed the playoffs.

2016: 74-88, missed the playoffs.

2017: 80-82, missed the playoffs.

2018: 80-82, missed the playoffs.

It obviously hasn't been easy, but it'd certainly time for Arte Moreno to get working on it.

According to various league sources, the contract also has NO opt-out, so even if Mike Trout wanted to leave, he wouldn't be able to unless the Angels traded him for some reason or they genuinely felt bad for him and it was their last hope for him to win a World Series.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves, we must enjoy this. Especially the Angels fans out there because even though we kind of "suck" and have a lot of bad luck, we can actually do this thing. After giving and giving, we are finally receiving and this is probably the best gift we could have ever received. We have so much to look forward to and being an Angels fan just got a bit easier.