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Top 10 Outfielders

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Top 10 Outfielders

For the following weeks I will be ranking players for the upcoming season. I will be looking at previous seasons, their 2016 season and projectability.


10. Indians Outfielder:

Micheal Brantley arguably still the best bat in the Indians lineup didn't play more than 11 games because of an injury ridden 2016 campaign. Brantley makes the cut because he is a five tool player and has proven it in his years in the league. Brantley had 90 doubles between his 2014 and 2015 campaigns to go along with 35 home runs and 38 stolen bases. Brantley is also an above average defender in left field.

9. Rockies Outfielder:

Charlie Blackmon is still one of the names that has not broken into the National scale. Even after an all star appearance and a Silver Slugger. Blackmon's style of play is very comparable to Marte's and Brantley's. He has stolen 40+ bases like Marte and hit 20+ homeruns like Brantley. However he is not as strong as Marte with the glove, or Brantley with average/OBP consistency. Even with a 2016 season where he outperformed most of the outfielders in the league there still has to be more than one season of excellence for Blackmon to move up.

8. Pirates Outfielder:

Starling Marte might not seem like he does not belong here because he has never even have had a 20 homerun season. However the outfielder who has stolen 158 bases in the past four years to go along with two gold gloves still needs to be acknowledged as much as the player with 30 bombs. Marte's greatest quality is his defense with a league leading 24 runs saved last season. Marte also batted over .300 for the first time in his career, and made the All-star game. Marte entering his 28 age season gives Pittsburg fans something to look forward to because he will be just coming into his prime.

7. Rockies Outfielder:

Carlos Gonzalez is a name that is brought up ever offseason and trade deadline as a possible trade chip for a team looking to make a deep postseason run. He is a five tool player similar to Brantley, but with some tools more prominent then others. Gonzalez has not had an MVP caliber year since 2010 where he hit .336 with 34 home runs and doubles along with 26 stolen bases. That was his most well rounded year where he showcased all his five tools by also taking home a gold glove and a silver slugger. Since then Gonzalez has gotten two more gold gloves and a silver slugger but has failed to replicate his 2010 season.

6. Pirates Outfielder:

Andrew McCutchen was one of the premier players just last year, and has been a top 5 MVP candidate 4 of the past five years. Its unfortunate to put him this low on the list, but he did not have a good 2016 year. His OBP dropped from .401 to .336 in just one year. I do not think that McCutchen is on a downward trend and will continue to worsen. I think he is the top candidate for a bounce back year, but due to his horrid year (for his standards) he has dropped out of the conversation for the top outfield spot.

5. Marlins Outfielder:

Giancarlo Stanton who currently has the most lucrative contract in the sport, and like McCutchen had a down 2016. Stanton has always struggled with injuries and the past two years they really have limited his games played. However his power in those two seasons are still at an elite level with him hitting 54 home runs in 193 games. If Stanton can go back to his 2014 numbers where he led the league in Slugging and IBB, while hitting 37 home runs and having an OBP of .395 in 145 games. Stanton who recently turned 27 has plenty of time to return to form, and should plan on climbing up this list in the future.

4. Mets Outfielder:

Yoenis Cespedes with the Athletics was a very good player with a career OPS+ of 117, but when looking at his OPS+ of 139 for the past year and a half with the Mets has catapulted Cespedes into the conversation of MVP. Cespedes also has one of the most exciting arms in baseball where has accrued a series of highlight plays throwing people out from every imaginable angle. Hopefully Cespedes being 31 does not mean he will begin his decline, but for right now he is a MVP candidate every year.

3. Red Sox Outfielder:

Mookie Betts broke out into the league in 2015, but became a superstar in 2016. His 2016 season had him finish second in the American League MVP and take home his first silver slugger and gold glove. Betts was one of the best players in the league last year and with no track record to compare it to thats why his 2016 season is evaluated so highly. Betts had 31 home runs with 26 stolen bases. Betts is one of the best young talents in baseball, and if he continues on this trend he might have a chance to overtake the top two outfielders.

2. Nationals Outfielder:

Bryce Harper had an unreal 2015 season where his batting average of .330 and 42 home runs were phenomenal, but his .460 On base percentage was an amazing stat that nobody on this list has duplicated. Harper was supposed to be the Chosen One for baseball like Lebron was for basketball, and besides 2015 he has not really had an MVP caliber season. There is no denying his ability, or his future projection but for right now there is one outfielder I rather have for next season.

1. Angels Outfielder:

Mike Trout is the best player in baseball. Trout has had five full seasons in the league, and has been top two in the MVP for three seasons, and the MVP twice. What I think encapsulates how absurd Trout has been for five seasons is his career 170 OPS+ which is higher than Wille Mays, Hank Aaron, and Ty Cobb. The scariest thing for opposing pitchers is that he is still improving. Last season he had a career mark of a .441 OBP and led the league for the first time in that category. Mike Trout could go down as the best player in the history of the game if he continues on this trend, and the fact that he is only 25 is exciting for baseball fans everywhere.

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