Hey there guys, how are ya?

You probably have lots of questions and are wondering why this article is targeted toward you.

Well, look no further because your questions are about to be answered!

If you've ever wondered why we do some of the things that we do or why we act the way that we act or even make certain decisions, just keep on reading (I'd say watching, but I'm not conducting a YouTube tutorial, sorry to disappoint).

1. We're gonna be who we wanna be.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Sammie Lewis is getting so much hate from male Tik Tok users because of her "obnoxiously long nails" to introduce her "tea" for the day.

Well, ya know what?

I have obnoxiously long nails and I love them. They help me do a lot of things that people can't do without long nails. They might get annoying at times, but I adore them.

If I wanna have long sparkly nails, blue or pink hair, and have my phone in my hand most of the time, get over it. I am who I am and my friends and boyfriend love me for that. If you don't like it, then too bad :-)

2. No, it's not because of our periods.

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Lemme get something straight: we're not always on our periods. They happen once a month and we're so used to them at this point in our lives. So there's no room to use that as an excuse for the way that we're acting.

I can be on my period and still be impatient, get irritated easily, and not want to talk to anyone. I work in retail and have 2 jobs. People get on my nerves. You can't use my period as an excuse for me acting this way. There could be a million different reasons for me to act how I act.

When I have my period, I still act like a normal person! I make conscious decisions. It's not like I'm making drunk decisions or something.

To be honest, men have periods too… no tea, no shade.

3. When we vent, we want you to listen.

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When we vent to you, sometimes we don't want advice or feedback. We just want to know that we have your attention and that you're processing what we're saying. We can tell when you've spaced out or have lost interest so please pay attention to us.

When I vent to girlfriends, they're usually in agreement with me about the situation and let me know so. They'll even insult the person with me (not to their faces, of course, we're not animals). So with that said, when we vent to men, we're expecting to get head nods indicating that you're listening and acknowledging us, and some agreement here and there, even if you don't actually agree with us. It's an in-the-moment thing so just go with it.

4. We're bad at making decisions.

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Don't take this one and run with it because we KNOW you will and already do.

Don't ask me what I want to eat or where I want to eat. Don't ask me what I'm in the mood for or what you should make us for dinner. I don't know and I'd rather you choose :-)

I'm really bad at making decisions about anything, so asking me to choose a preference is talking to a brick wall. You won't get anywhere no matter how hard you try.

When I'm trying to make decisions while I'm out shopping or can't decide which product I want from off of the shelf, please be patient with me. I like to do my research and look at everything before buying something because I take my time when I'm shopping.

If I'm asking you for your opinion, PLEASE provide an honest opinion and don't just say "I like them both". That doesn't help me at all.

5. We're dramatic so please accept it.

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I admit that I overdramatize things. I don't need to hear that every time I share a story or vent to you. Please accept that I'm going to overdramatize most things that happen to me. It'll come to you filtered, but it happened.

Sometimes we don't overdramatize though, and the times that we don't are the times that we're told it's "not a big deal", or that "it'll pass". Remember that we want for you to agree with us and to acknowledge what we say. Process it and absorb it into memory because we'll quiz you later and ask "remember when I told you about ___?"

I hope that I enlightened you on a decent amount of information about women and the fact that we're seen differently for lots of reasons. These are little insiders into parts of our lives and they probably relieved some assumptions of yours. So you're welcome.

Have a nice day!