Meet The Odyssey Ambassadors

Meet The Odyssey Ambassadors

Odyssey's best wants you to join our platform.

About a month ago, we set out to find the most passionate, driven, bright Creators to grow Odyssey's company. We found them! We think these Odyssey Ambassadors have the ability not only to succeed in their own personal goals, but aid in the continual and ever-changing growth, success and expansion that is Odyssey.

Narrowing down our search was not an easy feat, however, we are confident these standouts will be nothing short of exceptional. We'll let them introduce themselves. Get to know the new faces of Odyssey.

1. Sakura

I am from Houston, Texas. I attend the University of Texas at Austin as a radio/television/film major! I am a dancer on the Texas Pom Squad and am beyond excited to cheer for the best school in the world. I love writing for Odyssey because instead of ranting to the “notes” section of my phone, I am able to share with the world my experiences as I live my life!

2. Mikaela

I'm an Illinois native-turned Hoosier and I attend Purdue University. I'm a senior studying agricultural communication with a minor in international agriculture. A fun fact about me—aside from the fact that I grew up in a family of seven kids—is that I'm low-key obsessed with apples (both the fruit & the technology). I believe in Odyssey because I believe that everyone has a story to tell. I think Odyssey does a great job of giving a platform for millennial thoughts while also giving its creators the chance to develop both personally and professionally.

3. Monica

Hey, everybody! I am a third-year student at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan. I am currently studying sociology with a minor in women and gender studies. A fun fact about myself and why I choose to write for Odyssey is one in the same. I am a writer who has dyslexia. I love writing for Odyssey because it gives me the chance to improve my writing and it truly shows me that you don't have to be a perfect writer to become a writer. All you have to do is have a love and passion for writing.

4. Matt

I am a junior and a secondary education major with an emphasis in theater, English, and English as a second language. I go to the University of Nevada, Reno. I have performed in over 30 theater productions! I love Odyssey because it provides a voice to a generation to have opinions on so many topics that actually matter to them. It also provides opportunities to grow professionally on a platform where it is difficult to get your voice out there in general. Click here to learn more about me.

5. Brandon

I am a senior double-majoring in history and political science. Fun fact about me is that my favorite drunk party trick is to recite the entire Gettysburg Address. I love Odyssey because, to me, it has the potential to be that great 'marketplace of ideas' that we hear so much about in the structure of democracy. Nothing makes me feel more alive than contributing to the discourse of my country and helping us move forward one thought concept at a time. Odyssey has the power to become one of the prime platforms of influence for millennials, and I want to work to help Odyssey get the greatest variety of viewpoints and life stories as possible. Click here to learn more about me.

6. Luke

I'm a sophomore journalism major at the University of Oklahoma. When I was 8 years old, I won a hula hooping content at Sea World in San Antonio. I love Odyssey because there are many untold stories within our society and Odyssey is a platform that allows for those stories to be brought to light. Click here to learn more about me.

7. Meredith

Hey y'all! My name is Meredith Scroggin and I'm a junior at the University of Richmond, but originally from Lexington, Kentucky (go Cats!). I'm super passionate about writing and blogging, hoarding nail polish, laughing at my own bad jokes, monogramming everything I own, finding good deals, and talking too much in group texts. I love Odyssey because it opened up so many doors for me and I love being able to bring that to so many different people! This summer I worked in Odyssey's editorial office as an intern and loved it. I can't wait to show more people how incredible Odyssey is! Click here to learn more about me.

8. Laura

I'm a junior at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette studying child and family studies with a minor in law. Spanish was actually my first language, and I'm still pretty fluent in it! I love Odyssey because it gives me the opportunity to speak my mind and connect with people from all over the country. When I see an article that I absolutely adore, I make sure to reach out to the content creator via Facebook or Twitter. I have made so many Facebook friends and connections this way. They are always there to encourage me to be the best content creator that I can be. Click here to learn more about me.

9. Priya

Hey everyone! My name is Priya Patel and I'm from a suburb in Illinois known as Hanover Park. I'm a suburb-ian who took her passions to the beautiful city of Milwaukee in the cheese lovin' state of Wisconsin. Along with my love for writing, I'm majoring in biomedical sciences at Marquette University with minors in business administration and Spanish for the health sciences. A not-so-low-key fact about me is that I'm a country music fanatic and a lover of puns. I write for the Odyssey because it is the perfect platform for me to influence a wide scale of individuals around the world through the power of words, because the pen is mightier than the sword-- and it always will be. Click here to learn more about me.

10. Mackenzie

I'm a sophomore communications journalism major at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. I couldn’t function without my friends, books, coffee and peanut butter, and love anything and everything about the Blue Ridge mountains. I write for Odyssey because being a part of something as revolutionary as Odyssey is special. Odyssey has provided me with an abundance of opportunities to develop my voice as a writer, as well as a human being, and I’m forever grateful for that. Click here to learn more about me.

11. Whitney Waxler

I'm Whitney Waxler! I'm a junior at University of Colorado, Boulder and I'm majoring in international relations and history. I love Odyssey because it gives me the ability to have a voice and spread my ideas and awareness. I have written for Odyssey for two years and this summer I was an intern in the New York office. I had the best summer with Odyssey and was able to meet the incredible NYC team and gain priceless experience.

Cover Image Credit: Alissa Katz

Popular Right Now

To The Girl Struggling To Find Herself

The journey of self-discovery starts with YOU.

Not gonna lie but I’ve had my struggles with self-esteem issues in the past and not loving myself for who I am, but who hasn’t? Don’t let the lack of confidence bring you down. Yes, it takes time for one to find the strength inside of them to be able to come to terms with who they are and they should embrace but the journey to that moment is a rough one. Trust me I know, I’ve been through this and I can tell you that yes, it’s hard but you can do it, girl I know you can.

I’m not gonna give you some cliché advice to love yourself like, “embrace your craziness” or “keep pushing” or anything like that. I’m here to give you creative ways to make you love yourself. Also, you can’t really love anyone else without self-love.

1. Take selfies

Take as many selfies as you need for you to feel good about yourself. Is your outfit is popping? TAKE A PICTURE. Makeup game strong? TAKE A CRAP TON OF PICS. If you feel good about yourself, then document the days. Post a pic a day on your Instagram if that makes you feel good about yourself, who cares if people get mad that you post every day. FORGET ABOUT THEM, they ain’t relevant.

2. Don’t wear makeup

No matter how much you might be in love with makeup, it’s best to take a day off from beating that beauty blender on your face. Confidence starts with being able to be comfortable in your own skin, not being covered up with a layer of foundation and then another layer of concealer.

Now I know what comments I’m gonna get after people read this... “I don’t wear makeup to hide my ugly skin, I wear it because I like to be creative,” and I get that. That’s not what I’m saying. I do the same, I wear makeup because I enjoy putting on music in the morning and trying out a new eye look every day.

But when I choose not to wear makeup one day to class, I feel good about myself because I have enough self-love to be confident in my own skin. BUT, I’m also confident even when I wear makeup as well.

3. Wear crazy outfits

Don’t be afraid to try wearing things out of your comfort zone. Before, I NEVER liked to wear sleeveless shirts or anything off the shoulder but if you could see me now, that’s all I wear. I love how confident I have become with my body in order to wear things like this.


I’ve become the biggest gym junkie that I’ve never seen myself become before. A few years before I had never been to the gym every day but now here I am going every day. And whenever I go, I feel so good about myself. Six months ago, I started this fitness journey and I don’t plan on getting off. You don’t have to be a huge bodybuilder to go workout. And if not going to the gym, eating healthy benefits the soul as well.

5. Send that message

There’s a boy you’ve been crushing on? TEXT HIM. I know that it doesn’t seem like anything would work out but I promise you, it doesn’t hurt to try. That’s where the confidence comes from. Wanna love yourself? SEND THE MESSAGE. JUST DO IT.

I really hope this could help you with your journey of self-discovery, I know it did for me and I'm happier now than I ever have before.

Cover Image Credit: Rohitha Rajasekar

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If You’re From Brownsville, TX, You Know You Love Charro Days

One of the most unique Mexican culture experience.

Growing up in Brownsville, TX, I always wondered what was out there. We are all the way down in the tip of Texas, but this state is so huge. Although sometimes I couldn’t wait to get away, I do miss certain parts of it. We have this city wide holiday called Charro Days.

If you grew up in Brownsville, you know Charro Days is a huge deal. It is a holiday that everyone looks forward to because of its meaning, and well, of course, the food. It happens once a year the last weekend of February. There is so much history behind the holiday that sometimes goes unnoticed due to the fact that lots of the attention is paid to other parts of the celebration.

Charro Days started in 1937 in hopes to lighten up the town during the Great Depression. The goal is to unite borders with Brownsville’s Mexican sister town, Matamoros. The rich culture that Brownsville had was one of a kind. There was so much to celebrate, so that’s what the people did.

Like I said, this event is city wide and is taking very seriously that the whole district takes From elote en vaso (corn in a cup) to espiropapas (fried potatoes on a stick), there are so many varieties of food that are served. There are festivals, parades, music, dances and so much more. The traditional “Grito” is a huge part of this celebration because it really represents the spirit of Mexicans and contributes highly to the Charro Days celebration.

During this time, Matamoros opens its border as part of signifying unity. Friends and families can walk across allowing them to share these festivities together. There is an event specifically for this called “Hands Across The Border” that signifies the mutual friendship between the two cities.

Who can forget about sombrero fest? This is a huge festival that takes place downtown where there is live music, contests, food, and lots of dancing. I think this is something a lot of the people look forward to because of the great Mexicans that they bring to play. It just really represents what our culture is all about.

Last, but not least, is what we call Mr. Amigo. The Mr. Amigo Association picks a Mexican personality that has had great impact in the US as in México. They range from movie stars to telenovela starts to singers. Mr. Amigo gives an appearance as the “Hands Across The Border” as well as in the parade that happens on Saturday.

There is so much rich culture to indulge in these three days. As a kid you probably came out dancing in the parade or with your school’s band. Whether you were a participant or in the audience, the enjoyment was one of a kind. This is such a treasure to the city of Brownsville, and I hope that one day people from all over have the opportunity to experience a Charro Days.

Cover Image Credit: Azalea Andrade

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