The Man Who Drunkenly Booked a Flight

If you think getting a tattoo when you're drunk is crazy, you should know about the man who drunkenly bought a plane ticket to another country. A Scottish man by the name of Jamie Ather, had booked a flight to Rio after an apparently awesome night of clubbing. It is said that he had no dream of going to South America at all, and he had no recollection of even booking this vacation at all. He had checked his email a couple days later, and to his surprise, there was an email that said his flight was confirmed.

After a while of debating whether he should waste the mere $800, or take his mistake and make something out of it, he decided to go anyway. He had planned an itinerary for his trip. In it, included Copacabana Beach, Iguazu Falls (Brazil and Argentina Border), the Inca Trail (Machu Picchu, Peru), and a sloth sanctuary in Bahia. This drunken mistake had turned out to be an awesome vacation for him. He had no regrets.

The fact that he was blackout drunk when he booked it is hilarious, but the fact that he decided to actually go is amazing. Who wouldn’t want to visit a sloth sanctuary, let alone Rio? It kind of makes me want to plan a trip (sober, I’m 18). I need a foreign, tropical vacation! Seriously though, my last vacation was to Florida (Universal Studios).

Let’s talk about sloths! Have you heard the noise they make? So cute! Their faces are adorable. They are truly a lot of people’s spirit animal. Their name is cute. Last but not least, Sid.

When life hands you a trip to Rio, take it full on! Make that "lemonade" worth it.

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