7 Best Travel Destinations To Heal Your Broken Heart
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7 Places To Travel When You’re Balling On An ‘I Just Broke Up With My Boyfriend’ Budget

Break ups are rough. Traveling can ease the pain, but sometimes it leaves a hole in your pocket! Here's 7 affordable and fun places to travel to ease your worries, and perhaps find love again!

7 Places To Travel When You’re Balling On An ‘I Just Broke Up With My Boyfriend’ Budget
Gabriel Rye

Since I started traveling when I was 18, I have traveled to over 4 different continents and have tried to visit at least three new countries every year. With the amount of recent travel I have done, along with also experiencing numerous broken hearts, I can testify that traveling is the best way to get over someone or ease the heartache.

With expressions like "catch flights, not feelings" in mind, I have started to understand the untold benefits of traveling with a broken heart. There are so many new worlds and adventures ahead, and the following 7 places will not only make you thank your partner for breaking your heart but help you realize the endless possibilities being single has to offer.

1. Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is a city that never sleeps! From reggaeton, cumbia, and salsa bars being open until dawn, this city is full of excitement and dancing. It seems everyone is single here as locals and other tourists will gladly ask you to dance or buy you a drink! With such an accepting culture, you can wear anything you want and do whatever dance move you desire. Upon my stay in Cartagena, My best friend had just been ghosted (which sucks!) and she was feeling down. Upon entering the city and stepping off the plane, she felt alive again. The college town, drama, and schoolwork was behind us and we both set forth towards new horizons. As a friend, I was nervous she was going to be sad the whole trip, but to my surprise she was 99% revived and back in action, flirting and dancing with new people and making comments like "Why did I ever like XXXXX in the first place?" With such a positive outlook post-relationship, I am convinced Cartagena can heal broken hearts! From the amazing food, especially "patacones," to the unbelievable nightlife, this city has changed my outlook on life and relationships. My friend and I stayed in Selina Hostel, a hostel chain across central and South America. Like any other hostel, we were able to meet amazing friends to spend the week with, which helped shake the boy blues away! With the Colombian pesos being 3,500 to one U.S. dollar, the price of things was very cheap! Most meals ranged from $2 to $5 and my stay for the whole week in the hostel was $123, including breakfast and pools! I did take a boat outing one day that was $90 but that included transport to the boat, breakfast, lunch, snorkeling, and a stop at all of the four major islands. With the prices being relatively cheap, I highly encourage anyone with a broken heart to get their passport and travel to South America!

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is full of amazing cities and a multitude of terrain, so no single city can describe the country. Therefore, the following list is all of the cities I backpacked to this summer that left me speechless and 100% OK with being single while remaining under my $500 budget. San José, the city capital, which is a great place to see the historic landmarks, shopping, and famous outdoor farmer's markets, was where I started my trip. You can see the mountains outlining the city, and Airbnbs range from $20 to $50 a night to have the entire apartment to yourself with a view of the city! The bus is very safe to take in Costa Rica when traveling city to city. I took La Terminal bus service which costs usually $15 for a seat on a coach bus to the next city which could be anywhere from 2 to 6 hours away! If one feels uneasy about the bus, Uber fees are relatively cheap! Instead of the $15 bus ticket, you can spend $50 on an Uber to take you to the next city. In Costa Rica, they accept both U.S. dollars and Costa Rican colones, so you can save exchange fee rates by not having to exchange your money (to be safe, I exchanged $50 USD to colones for taxis near the beach). The next cities were beach towns, full of the best waves to surf and amazing seafood: Tamarindo, Santa Teresa, and Jaco. These beach towns are all different, but also all embody the same spirit of adventure! Surf lessons are offered at each beach city and hostels, along with nightlife are present if needed. From these beaches you can take a ferry, jeep, or bus to the main city (SJO) or you can hop on to the next city. From Santa Teresa, I went to Monte Verde, the famous rainforest with cloud forests because of the altitude and the hanging bridges! In Monte Verde, the zip-lining is amazing as you are hanging by string over miles and miles of mountains. From Monte Verde, I went to La Fortuna, home to the Arenal Lake and Volcano and hot springs! This city made me realize the importance of being an independent and single traveler because I was able to go where I wanted, when I wanted, without the opinions of a boyfriend! In this city, I got a private teepee to stay in and the hostel offered welcome drinks, allowing me to meet other single travelers! The people inspired me to go to Manuel Antonio, the nature reserve with the most beautiful beaches and monkeys! This trip by far made me forget any man and focus on being my most authentic self!

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan was the most exciting city I have visited yet! NO passport is necessary for those still in the process of getting one! The nightlife was amazing! The best place to party and listen to reggaeton is in "La Placita." All of the bars there are authentic and feature every Latin hit you could think of. Another area of San Juan, Old San Juan, was very cool and artistic as it is filled with a lot of history. With Spanish influence, the town looked beautiful and authentic to the culture. One bar down there, "La Factoria," is actually a popular hot spot for many Latino artists to film music videos, such as "Despacito." We met some amazing friends along the way, knocked out another country on the bucket list, and we were able to further practice our Spanish. My best friend and I really enjoyed this trip, especially when Sunday came around and our new friends from our hostel invited us to this inlet beach "piñones," which was crowded, but striking beautiful as the water was crystal clear blue. Overall, this was the best and most affordable weekend getaway, as the culture fills your soul and makes you realize there are more people in the world than just your small town and the drama surrounding your ex. The trip lasted 4 days, costing $250 ($400 with round trip airfare) proving you don't have to wait for a holiday to take a trip!

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

NOLA!! State side trips are usually cheaper, especially if you can drive only a few hours to get to your location! I'm 4 hours from New Orleans and this trip was by far on of my favorites! My friends and I got together and ventured out for a good girls' weekend, featuring the Voodoo Music Festival (for all you EDM lovers) and the famous Bourbon Street! Whether raging at a concert to all the awesome music ventures or downtown experiencing the nightlife, this is a great trip for balling on a budget when you just got broken up with! Hard to think about your ex when you are trying to get your beads LOL!

5. Florence, Italy

Ciao! Florence was a breathtaking city and you are able to see the mountains surrounding you. While there, I felt all my worries and drama with my ex slip away, only focusing on the beautiful sunsets and fine wine. From the famous art museums to the historic churches and landmarks, Florence will captivate you by letting you have a glimpse of previous centuries. With nightlife being another main attraction, it is easy to get immersed in the culture. For those not interested in going out, the restaurants and atmosphere can captivate you as well. With the Insta-perfect photos and lighting, you will have your ex wishing he didn't end things! This city is one of the cheaper cities in Italy and you can budget easily while still balling out!

6. Cancún, Mexico

Spring Break or Spring Break-up? Either way, this city, and popular tourist destination is a favorite for anyone looking for fun and freedom! With most resorts being all-inclusive, the drinks are bottomless and you can have as much ice cream as needed to mend your broken heart! My best friend and I went to Cancún for Spring Break 2018, and while we were both in on-again-off-again relationships, hers was in the "off-again" phase. With emotions high, she was able to find peace with the beaches and bottomless drinks, along with the new faces we got to meet in the resort. By the end of the week, only costing a total of $800 (including airfare, transport, and the all-inclusive food), we were able to enjoy ourselves without breaking the bank. I believe the history, along with the amazing hospitality, made Mexico an amazing destination for anyone with a broken heart or even just a tight pocket!

7. Los Angeles, California

Another state-side destination, L.A. is a great place to go for anyone with California lust! Known for being a city of dreams and opportunities, L.A. is a great place for tourists who have never been to California. I went to L.A. for my first time this year, and while there is so much hype surrounding L.A., I felt at peace knowing I had finally ventured out of my comfort zone and crossed the country! L.A. has great nightlife and restaurants, and amazing Instagram photo opportunities, especially if you are trying to stunt on your ex! With the palm trees and beaches, along with rooftop views, L.A. is an affordable getaway perfect for when you have the breakup blues. From Malibu beach to Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Boulevard to Laguna Beach, tourists are captivated with the vibe.

While there are more places that can heal your broken heart, these 7 are the top that come to mind as my friends and I have traveled to these places WITH broken hearts! Knowing we are 100% healed, maybe you will book your next trip and find your own self-love and inner peace without that EX that broke your heart! From one girl to the next, I promise you will make it out of this! While it sucks now, the future is bright and full of opportunities that may come your way from one of these trips... who knows! Best of luck and safe travels!

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