Major Changes for the Atlanta Falcons
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Major Changes for the Atlanta Falcons

More things to lie ahead in the future of the Dirty Birds.

Major Changes for the Atlanta Falcons

There are a lot of changes that have transpired since the Atlanta Falcons loss against the Miami Dolphins last Thursday.

Within one week, the falcons have cut 8 players from their roster, including one they recently signed this summer. Arthur Lynch, former University of Georgia standout and tight end, was signed by the Atlanta Falcons in mid July, and was waived by the Atlanta Falcons on August 27. Along with Lynch, offensive lineman Michael Huey, running back Gus Johnson, wide receiver Jordan Leslie, linebacker Ivan McLennan, quarterback Sean Renfree, cornerback Ryan White, and defensive lineman Brandon Williams were among the other players that have been waived by the Falcons. Sergio Brown (safety), was the only one to be released.

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The Atlanta Falcons now stands at 75 players ready to be suited up for the last preseason game at the Georgia Dome against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

What exactly does this mean for the Atlanta Falcons in the regular season?

Lately, they have been preparing two of the most stellar players for what is to come. Julio Jones and Dwight Freeney sat out of practice on Sunday due to their injuries. With Jones' ankle and Freeney's back injury, these two need as much time away from the field right now until full recovery and can help bring the Falcons more wins this season.

So, the question is, what do we expect against the Jacksonville Jaguars this Thursday? A good game with great players. Hoping that Jones and Freeney are recovered enough to bring some extra skill to the table, the Falcons will be ready to take home their 3rd preseason win to lead to more regular season wins for Falcons fans.

Although the Falcons have gone under major changes these past few weeks that will affect them in the future, these are bringing positive changes to the Falcons franchise and will help bring more wins back home.

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Stay tuned on September 1 on your local CW station for the Falcon's last preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Georgia Dome. Follow @KayDesiraye on Twitter for Falcons' news and live game updates.

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