After being in a toxic relationship, I had fallen out of love with myself. I began to hate the person I had become. I had gained more weight which made me resent my body. I saw each one of my flaws which I was reminded of from him each and every day.

I began to hate the size of my upper lip because I felt like it curved up too much when I smiled. I hated the size of my breasts because they were overly huge and he reminded me of that. I hated the size of my fingers because I was told that was the only small thing about me.

I hated everything about myself.

After leaving him, I began to love myself again. I began to love the way my top lip curled up when I smiled because my smile is beautiful. I got a breast reduction and that made me feel amazing. I realized my fingers were a normal size since my ring size was normally sold out.

I fell in love with the size of my body. I fell in love with the fact that I was 5'2 and I was short and that was OK. I fell in love with the length of my eyelashes and how my hair is naturally wavy.

I had to see that I was beautiful.

I realized my beauty. I realized I was worth more than what I was being told. I realized how intelligent I was. I realized my self-worth.

After falling in love with all of these aspects of myself, I was able to let someone else fall in love with them. I had to find the pieces of myself that were beautiful to allow someone else to find them as well.