"The bible says Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." Shut the fuck up.

I grew up in a very Christian environment. Lucky for me, my dad is a huge progressive and I wasn't wrapped into hating other people for beliefs that are different than ours.

Even though I grew up in a progressive and positive home, I sure can say that I was out-casted at the place that is supposed to make me feel safe, and that was my church.

I am still faithful and believe in God, but as a Christian, I can say that some of you "Christians" make me sick.

I had friends that felt unwelcome in their faith because they were gay, looked different, or had less money than our peers. Honestly, that's gross. I know that for me, God is a way to find comfort and love, but for a lot of people that I know God turned into something scary and they turned into what a lot of modern-day Christians like to call "sinners."

What a stupid term. Romans 3:23 says "for all have sinned and fall short for the glory of God." Wow, that's a wake-up.

We're ALL sinners. So many modern-day Christians like to judge other people for their beliefs and views. These same people like to use the bible as a tool to spew hatred and negativity. BUT the bible says right there that we're all sinners.

Another verse in Romans that really backs me up here is Romans 2:11, this verse reads "for God does not show favoritism." This right here is enough to prove my point that the bible says nothing about chastising other people for their beliefs.

I don't know about your version of "God," but mine is loving and accepting. The version of God in the bible is too. Maybe ya'll just didn't read far enough.

It says IN the bible that God isn't going to love you more because you do things like go to church, are white, or are straight. God has no favoritism towards anyone.

He loves us all, and some of you "Christians" just need to get off of your high horses and stop judging other people. If a man kissing a man is "ungodly," then you judging them is just as bad.

Have you all ever read Mark? Mark 12:31 clearly says "love your neighbor as yourself." What it doesn't say is "love your neighbor as yourself BUT only if he is a straight, white, Christian man."

If you judge people on their beliefs and their views, you're not any better than them. The Lord says it right there "love your neighbor as you love yourself." If you judge other people about how they live or how they choose to worship, you're not any better than them you're actually worse.

As Christians, we are taught to love one another and do just that. People who judge others for their beliefs are the type of people that give Christians a bad name and turn people away from God.

Next time you want to call yourself a "Christian" and judge someone based on what you believe in or think is right, take a look at yourself first.