Life Is Like A Foggy Street
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Life as you have it can be very complicated and quite stressful. We always seek answers for things that are impossible questions. We cannot know the future, nor should we. It would make everything frankly too easy and dull. I say this even though I am one of those people who are always seeking for answers.

I'm getting into some new life routine, trying to build my career, and I don't know what the future holds. It is scary and all very new while all at the same time, I'm scared of getting stuck in the same place. But, in reality, life does not allow for any consistency or stagnancy. Humans develop, time moves forward, and if we don't like where we are at, we have the power to change it. Hey, if there is a will there is a way.

My eyes opened to a realization when I was in my car the other day. The weather was super super foggy. I was driving, the sky was dim, and I looked ahead. I could only see so far ahead because of all of the fog. I could make the moves in front of me normally while driving, and see WHAT I HAD TO. The fog blocked off what was too far for me. It wasn't for me to see yet. That's when I thought, wow...that's a lot like life.

We live everyday, semi-blind and or have this cloud of fog in front of us. We live with what we know, without really knowing what lies far ahead, but we keep moving. Not everything is clear, but little by little everything will be. It was calming and almost like a sign for me to take life slowly and stop worrying about things that aren't in my way yet.

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