23 GIFs That Perfectly Describe College Life

23 GIFs That Perfectly Describe College Life

At the end of the day, you're not alone in this struggle.

From the outside looking in college seems to just be flat out amazing. In reality, college is just an amazing struggle. Everyone's college experience is different. It is what you make of it, but almost every struggle is relatable.

1. You are always tired!

There's no such thing as being fully rested and there really isn't anything that could be done about it. In college, there is no shame in taking a nap in the middle of a hallway.

2. Since you are always tired....

Sleeping more than likely is the highlight of your day!

3. But in reality...

Sleep really is not a thing. People ask how you get everything done and the most logical answer is that you just don't sleep.

4. If one thing is due, then everything is due!

One day your schedule is completely free, and then the next day everything just comes piling down. It really is too much! Then the cycle only repeats.

5. Every morning is a debate.

There is always that mental debate between being productive and then going back to sleep. When your "productive day" really is unproductive, you realize that staying in bed would have been the best.

6.You learn that being an adult actually isn't fun

Once you are on your own, all the responsibility is yours! From having to grocery shop on your own, having to cook for yourself, work, and pay your own bills, you only wish you were a child again.

7. Being poor really is a thing.

In reality, everyone in college is honestly broke. It only gets fun when you try managing money when you don't really have any.

8. Free things are the best things.

No matter what it is, if it's free you take it! No one can really turn down free stuff, especially food. People sometimes live off of free stuff. Let's be honest now! Sometimes you will only attend events just for the free things.

9. When you actually have time...

You realize that everyone else is now busy or that you really don't have that many friends and need to become more social.

10. Studying is really just a phrase.

You actually don't really know how to study or what exactly you are studying for. It more so trying to memorize everything in your book and hoping for the best.

11. You realize that binge watching Netflix will only get you but so far.

After the last episode of your show, it' actually really scary having to step out into the outside world. Having to personally interact with the people around you becomes a challenge.

12. You learn what it really means by "fake it until you make it."

The same thing could be explained and shown to you multiple times but, you still just don't get it.

13. When class lets out early it's actually really great.

Even if a class gets out three minutes earlier than the usual time, it's a time to celebrate.

14. You have a love-hate relationship with your life.

One day you may be having the greatest day ever, and then the next you are regretting your life decisions.

15. Believe it or not, college is your home.

When a break comes and it's time to visit back home, packing is actually hard. You either pack as if you are staying for three hours or the next three years.

16. Everything becomes hard.

Everyone has had those days when they just can't!

17.Sometimes you have to motivate yourself.

Telling yourself that it's going to be okay every once in a while or every five seconds is well needed.

18. You realize the power of coffee.

The more coffee the better! If you never had coffee in your life, being in college will be the beginning of your journey. Coffee in not by any means a want. It is a necessity.

19. No matter how much you try, you will never be organized.

In reality, planning does nothing but takes up time and make you feel as if you will accomplish a lot of tasks. I'm not going to lie, it really is a good feeling. Nothing will actually go as planned. It goes the same for organization. Nothing is actually ever organized, just put in a way that makes you feel sane. Telling yourself over and over that things are together will make you feel like you're making it. Faking it, but making it.

20. Sometimes just passing is a good thing.

Sometimes getting a C+/C- isn't as bad as you thought it would be. You become comfortable with saying " I passed and that's all that matters." Your high school "A" is your college "C."

21. There's alway that thought of giving up, even though you really won't.

Wanting to drop out is something you probably consider doing every minute of the day. You won't actually drop out though, it's just a thought. Realistically you actually want to be where you are.

22. At times, you just want to magically disappear.

There are so many days when you just would like to wave a magic wand and poof be gone! Your home becomes your comfort zone and that's the only place you would like to be. There are moments when you don't want to be seen, touched, looked at, talked to, or breathed on, and that's understandable.

23. You realize that your struggle is everyone else's struggle.

At the end of the day, you are not alone. In college, everyone is one, struggling together.It's what you make out of it that matters. Every struggle is only tempory.

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11 Lies Your Anxiety Tells You Daily, And How To Combat Them

"Hello, I'm anxiety here to ruin your day with thoughts you can't control."


"Hello, I'm anxiety here to ruin your day with thoughts you can't control."

For those of those who suffer from anxiety disorders, thoughts are often the root of the problem. Whether it be reliving negative experiences or memories, the worst case scenario, or simply worrying about what other people think of you, these thoughts normally seem perfectly logical to you at the moment.

Even if you recognize they aren't, it can be hard to roll back those thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. This list contains common thoughts among anxiety suffers as well as my own thoughts and how I have learned to combat them.

I am not a professional. I am simply writing from my own experience with generalized anxiety disorder. I cannot speak to other disorders and am simply trying to share the ways that help me cope in the hopes they can help someone else.

1. "You're a bad person."

To combat this thought I actively try to do good things. I tell myself that I am certainly not as bad as [insert objectively bad person here]. I distract myself with media and games I like.

2. "Nobody likes you."

To combat this thought I start by telling myself it isn't true. I tell myself I like myself (this works wonders if it isn't true). I reach out to friends and talk to/ hang out with them as normal to concretely show myself this isn't true.

3. "You aren't as smart as everyone here."

To combat this thought I do one of two things (depending upon my mood and overall mental health at the time).

First, I pose a challenge to myself to become as smart as the other people in the room and actively listen and participate to do so.

Second, I go back through past accomplishments to prove that I am smart and just because I didn't get or understand something immediately doesn't mean I'm less smart than anyone else.

4. "I'm going crazy." 

This is a common thought of anxiety. To combat this one, I look up the symptoms of anxiety and screenshot it to prove to myself that it's just my anxiety and that I am in fact not going crazy.

5. "What if..."

"What if this headache is really a brain tumor?"

"What if I go to the doctor and they think I'm crazy/ faking it?"

"What if my friends are just pretending to like me?"

"What if I'm really just a fraud?"

Whoa, whoa, whoa — stop. As you can tell, this thought process can get out of control quickly. The best way I've found to combat this one is to turn the what-ifs into positives. "What if I get a promotion?" "What if I just have really awesome friends?"

I'm still extremely bad at this, so I typically just have to ride these thoughts out. I often talk to someone without anxiety to see if my thoughts seem logical to them. If they don't, normally it helps to differentiate my anxiety talking vs. my actual thoughts.

"They probably hate me." 

Whether your friend hasn't texted you back for hours or your recent Tinder match seems to be ghosting you, this is almost certainly not true. The best way to combat this is to realize that you are projecting your thoughts onto someone else and that you can't read that person's thoughts. You have no idea what they truly think, therefore, it could be the complete opposite.

While it isn't always comforting to "not know," in this instance, allowing yourself to recognize that your own thoughts are blurring onto your projection of someone else, it can help ease the worry a bit.

7. "Why can't I just calm down? What is wrong with me?" 

Ah, the old, having anxiety about your anxiety. These thoughts are in fact the reason you can't calm down. The best thing to do is to self-calm as much as possible. Take multiple deep breaths. Close your eyes and meditate for a few moments. Distract yourself, if the moment calls for it.

8. "What if I die?" 

This thought can come in many forms. "What if the plane crashes?" "What if I slip on icy roads?" It can also lead to worries about family (both for their safety and leaving them behind), etc. Honestly, I've noticed many things work for this one. If you're on a plane or something similar, statistics can help. Knowing that planes crash very rarely can help you understand that it's very unlikely.

Other things are to accept the prospect of death. This isn't nearly as dark as it sounds. Recognizing you have no control over when you die can help you calm yourself knowing you have no other control over the situation. If all else fails, rely on calming exercises and distraction.

9. "Are they upset with me?"

Again, projecting your worries onto another person can be a dangerous cycle. However, if all else fails, ask the person if they actually upset with you. If it is obvious that they are not upset with you based on other factors, try to tell yourself that you can't read minds and that you are simply projecting your worries about them becoming upset with you onto the person.

10. "I don't deserve to be here/ loved."

This one can usually be defeated with some logic. "I was invited here, I do deserve to be here." "Everyone deserves love, including me." "Lots of people love me and they aren't wrong to." However, this can be extremely hard to believe, but even if you don't believe the thoughts, if you keep telling them to yourself and actively work to believe them, you will.

11. "I'm going to get stuck here." 

Whether your phone is about to die at night in the city, you're in a rickety elevator, or the subway seems to be moving slower than normal, the best way to combat this is just to stay alert and take precautions to avoid the situation. (Turn your phone on low power or airplane mode, take deep breaths, and stay alert). Also, using calming techniques can help until the situation is over.

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