Whether it's high school or college, bus rides with your team are really something. Us athletes can all attest these crazy trips that range from 20 minutes to 8+ hours and the variety of activities that occur throughout are quite memorable. In case you've forgotten what really happened, here's a list of 14 activities that occur when you're with your teammates on the road.

1. Sing

What's a road trip without some jams? Sometimes you do just need to sing one Disney song from each movie (we remember) Disney made. Did someone say karaoke? It doesn't matter if you don't think you can sing. Everyone knows they have to have at least two songs prepared to dazzle their audience.

2. Sleep

Anyone like naps? I don`t know about others, but there's something about being in a car that just allows me to snooze all the way to our destination whether I'm tired or not. This option is one of the most utilized and appreciated. When else are you stuck on a bus with little drive for homework and a decent amount of time to catch up on some sleep?

3. Talk

Talking is almost unavoidable and much like with the first item on this list, bothers item number two. About the game, something funny we said, even breathing can set off the trail.

4. Listen to music

Some people like to get ready for the game by jamming to their favorite hype music. It shuts out the noise and makes it so that they can get in the zone. Or they just really aren't a people person that day.

5. Stare out the window

It's nice to take the time to look out the window and see the trees fly by. Hopefully, you're not the carsick type and can look back where you came from, the dashes in the center of the road fading from view.

6. People watch

You know your teammates can be a little wild, but being stuck on a bus can really push people over the edge. Who's going to try and walk to the front of the bus and almost face plant? Who will start the cheering when they bring up food after the game?

7. Throw things

What fun is a bus ride without messing with your friends? Got any candy or an old sock? Go ahead and take aim, launching the missile with gusto when "no one" is looking; duck behind the chair in front of you or talk to your neighbor to avoid being caught; dodge the object as it comes flying back at you.

8. Wake up sleeping teammates

A prankster's favorite pastime. We all know how creative these people can get with the limited resources on the bus.

9. Eat

Snacks are your best friend when you travel during meal times...or anytime really. You know that game days are coming when you leave the store with five boxes of granola bars, some pretzels, and other fuel-packed food to get you ready for action.

10. Bonding time

Getting to know others on your team, having deep conversations, playing games and guessing someone's favorite movie can really tell you a lot about them. It's never too soon or late to connect with the people around you and these situations give you plenty of time to do it.

11. Hair

Keeping your hair out of your way during a game is important and sometimes you get tired of the traditional ponytail and want to mix it up a bit. Braids sometimes give that extra little twist and keep things new and exciting.

12. (Try to) change

We all know how hard it is to get dressed in a vehicle, let alone one that's moving. Needless to say, anyone who can with speed and grace is gifted.

13. Watch movies

Inspirational films are a must when you are trying to prepare yourself to do well and give your all. The pep talks before they leave the locker room at halftime to prepare for battle get you ready to face the opposition as well.

14. Anticipate

In that last twenty minutes before the bus pulls into the parking lot, everyone waits anxiously for the doors to open so they can begin to ready themselves for victory.