Yes. You read that title right. People are actually calling Lady Gaga fat. F A T. I am seriously appalled.

Just a guess, but that could possibly be the reason that girls are insecure about their bodies. They see a very fit celebrity sing at the Super Bowl and think, "man, she's toned. I wish I looked like her." Then they hop on social media and see that people are calling that person fat. So their minds go directly to needing to be even skinnier because now their "skinny" is considered fat.

I wonder if the people who tweeted or spoke those words thought about the meaning behind them. Or if people just think it's funny and that I am overreacting. That people like me need to learn to take a joke. Well, it's not funny. It's little girls hearing that skinny is important. It is the idea that their looks attract more attention than their brains. It is this broken concept that a body is worth more than a brain.

If you all think that Millennials are broken, just wait until you see our kids. Because it is people like you that seem to think the outward appearance is more important than the inner. It is people like you who seem to not care what your daughter, or future daughter's, daddy says about their body. Did you ever think about that? That these men are speaking things into the minds of children?

But it is not all on the dads. What about the moms who always speak about a diet around their daughters? What about the time you made the comment about the fat rolls on your stomach when you sit down, only to miss your little girl lift her shirt up to see that she has them, too. Boom. Insecurity.

Be careful about the words spoken around young minds. But be an adult more importantly. Be mature enough to see that your idea of "fat" is someone else's idea of "perfectly toned and skinny." Don't be so insecure in yourself to think that Lady GaGa is fat. Because I can almost guarantee, the face hiding behind that computer is no "skinner" than she is.


A girl with confidence despite the lies the world throws her way.