Does Enjoyment Equal Happiness?
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Does Enjoyment Equal Happiness?

Enjoyment and happiness - are they really the same?

Does Enjoyment Equal Happiness?
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Are enjoyment and happiness the same thing? This is a question people may ask themselves on a daily basis. The answer to that question is no, not really, and here is why:

1. Official definitions are not the same.

No two words will ever have the exact same definition, but the difference between these two words are huge. According to the Merriam - Webster Dictionary, the definition of enjoyment is "the state or process of taking pleasure in something." The definition of happiness stems from the word happy, being "feeling or showing please or contentment." There is not much of a difference, however, there is a difference.

2. The length of time they occur

Happiness is typically longer-lived than enjoyment. A person can enjoy something they do for a moment, but happiness is a feeling that can last for a long time.

3. How they are experienced

To most people, happiness and enjoyment can sometimes be hard to differentiate when being experienced. However, for 6.7% (or 15 million) of people living with depression in the United States - including myself - telling the difference can be a piece of cake. When a person is depressed, they struggle with finding happiness in their everyday lives. They also have a hard time enjoying the things they used to, but contrary to popular belief, they still can. For a small moment of time, they can feel a sense of relief and calmness. They can be at peace. They even may not want the moment to end. This is enjoyment.

4. The feeling of fulfillment they leave

When people go to college, they normally choose a subject to major in depending on what they enjoy doing. Unfortunately, just because they like doing something, does not mean they will be happy doing it for the rest of their lives. Instead, people should keep things they enjoy doing as hobbies so they can continue to have fun while doing them. In order to be successful and live a fulfilled and happy life, people need to find what they are passionate about and do whatever it takes to make it a full-time part of their life. It'll definitely pay off in the end!

Knowing and understanding what the difference between enjoyment and happiness is can greatly impact a person's life if they so choose to put that knowledge into work. Don't live an enjoyable life. Live a happy life.

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