A Letter To The New People In My Life

Thank you.

Lately, I have gone through so many changes. More changes than I think I have had since I went through puberty. I'm kidding. That was a joke. On a more serious note, though, these changes have impacted my life dramatically. Completely turning my life upside down.

During high school, I pretty much stayed around the same people all 4 years. I was on the same team, stayed in the same social class, surrounded by the same people almost all 4 years. So you know when graduation started approaching, I thought that these people that have stuck by my side all 4 years, would be there for the rest of my life.

Things change.

This past summer was eye-opening. These people that I thought I would have forever with either betrayed me, forgot about me, tried to control me, or just did not want to make time for me anymore. Even though they did that, they still expected me to be waiting there for them when they got back. Me being me, I was there, but it got old. FAST. Every time I needed something, they were never there for me.

So I changed.

I started to treat them like they treated me. I gave up trying. Trying to think that people would always treat you right and be there for you through everything, because they won't. I learned a lot. I got rid of a lot of unnecessary stress in my life. Therefore, I got rid of these individuals. They never wanted to push me. They wanted to hold me back. They never wanted to see me do better. They wanted to see me do worse, so that way they could pick up the pieces and hold it over my head. They tried to control me and I let them for the longest time.

Until someone finally told me to stop.

This person, I will forever be in debt too. They constantly wonder why I am so good to them, this is why.

Thank you. Thank you for knocking some sense into me. You have always been such a nice person to others, I never knew you would have such a huge impact in my life. I honestly thought you didn't like me at first, so I never thought it would be you to come into my life and change it for the better. Thank you so much for seeing the good in me and the fighter in me. Thank you for pushing me to strive for so much more than I had. Thank you for telling me not to settle, because I would've regretted it if I did. Thank you for taking up for me when nobody else would and never letting anyone walk all over me. Thank you for letting me cry when I needed too. Thank you for not letting other people's feelings affect my own, because if I would have, I probably would have changed my mind on a lot of things.

The past few months have been the hardest I think I have had to go through, and without you, I couldn't have made it. Words seriously can not express how thankful I am for God sending you into my life. We've cried. We've played hide in seek in the middle of downtown. We've literally fallen on the floor at Walmart at 2 am laughing our butts off. So many memories, in such a little amount of time and it's all because you saw the small amount of good I had left in me, you grabbed it and pulled it out. Thank you so much for reminding me how life really is supposed to be.

I can't wait to see what the future holds.

You are so amazing.

I love you.


P.S. sorry this is so mushy. You're still a loser, but you're my loser. (:

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