7 Reasons Amy Schumer is the Best Friend You Always Wanted
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7 Reasons Amy Schumer is the Best Friend You Always Wanted

The "It" Girl We've All Been Waiting For

7 Reasons Amy Schumer is the Best Friend You Always Wanted

I'll be honest. Prior to seeing the trailer for the movie Trainwreck I did't really know that much about Amy Schumer. In fact, I had never even heard of her. But after watching countless Youtube videos of her in action, I can't get enough of her. She's got charm, sharp wit, and she's funny as hell. Amy Schumer is the kind of girl you want to look up to. She is seriously talented, extremely funny, and is super confident in her curvy, hot body. Needless to say, I have a serious girl crush. Schumer is the new "it" girl in town because she seems like a real person who is not afraid to be goofy and crazy, even when the spotlight is on her. So if you have not already fallen in love with Amy Schumer, here are some reasons why you should.

1. She is confident in her body.

I mean look at her. Seriously, take a look. Why wouldn't she be?

2. But she is also confident enough to joke about not being a perfect size zero.

With all of the publicity around about respecting body types of all women, Schumer really shows to be honest about your body and still own it. Whether you have curves or don't, love who you are.

3. She loves to eat real people food.

In an interview on Ellen, she discussed, "the struggle of fitting one more popcorn kernel into her mouth." Finally someone who understands a couple of real girl problems. Let's get lunch, Amy.

4. She loves alcohol.

She complained to Ellen that her court side seats to the LA Laker's game didn't include free booze and how it was a huge let-down to her. I mean, how else was she supposed to make it through a basketball game? She also described herself as a fellow carnivore, "a true bloodmouth". I'm with you on that one.

5. She is a total and complete goofball.

It takes some serious guts to purposefully fall on the red carpet in front of Kim K and Kanye West. Apparently falling is Schumer's go-to move. She loves to make people feel awkward and uncomfortable in any situation. As a comedian, it's her job to do and say outrageous things. But she really loves breaking off from the norm, which is really refreshing to see from a celebrity. She isn't shy about rising to a comic and embarrassing challenge.

6. She's a prankster.

At an awards banquet, Schumer sent Katie Couric's husband an inappropriate text on Couric's phone while they were both away from the table. (You can google the details, but I'm probably not allowed to tell you). Couric eventually responded to Schumer saying that there would be payback and that she would keep her phone away from her next time. Classic.

7. She is a family girl.

Amy's sister is her biggest fan. Her sister has attended interviews, awards shows, her Trainwreck premiere, and red carpet events alongside her. She makes a pretty good sidekick. Except when she screws up the picture of a lifetime with the gorgeous Hemsworth brothers. I think Amy will forgive her one day.

Amy Schumer's movie Trainwreck was a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed so hard I almost peed myself, then wanted to cry my eyes out like a baby. It was clever, funny, and a refreshing twist to a romantic comedy. Her talents as both writer and comedian are undeniable and I think we'll all be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

If you still need more reason to love her, here are some interviews of her with Jimmy Fallon, Ellen, and Jimmy Kimmel.

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