10 Unique Gift Ideas For Your Long Distance Relationship
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10 Unique Gifts For Your Long-Distance Bae That'll Say 'I Love You' Without Breaking The Bank

You can send a goofy and cute gift even from miles away.

10 Unique Gifts For Your Long-Distance Bae That'll Say 'I Love You' Without Breaking The Bank

Whether you are quarantining away from your significant other because of coronavirus or separated by the country lines at this time, it's fair to say that long-distance relationships are tough no matter what. However, there are ways to show love from a distance whether that's through daily FaceTime calls, cute Snapchats, or sexy pics sent to them on their phone. You can brighten up their day even more with some of these unique gifts that can fit any price range and a variety of interests.

1. Order Drizly

Sure, you could ship your honey some special wine from an online store, but if you're looking to send them something bubbly or barrel-aged in a pinch for your Zoom happy hour, download the Drizly app. Think of Drizly like DoorDash, but specifically for alcohol. Type in their address and see which beer, wine, and liquor are available for delivery in under an hour. You can even tack on mixers and snacks to your order. Even if you can't go out together, you can get buzzed at the same time.

Budget: $7-$100

2. Piñatagrams

Send a party right to your S.O.'s door with a Piñatagram. These small piñatas come pre-filled with Skittles, Starbursts, Laffy Taffy, Double Bubble, Airheads, and SweeTarts and have a space for a customized message. After they're done eating the candy, they have a new decoration that will remind them of you.

Budget: $20-$30

3. Greetabl Boxes

If you want to send a personal note with a little pizzazz, Greetabl is the perfect keepsake for your loved one. When you head to the website, you get to "build" your own box by picking a cute design for the outside. Designs range from holiday-specific pictures, generic colorful stripes, and even Leslie Knope's face from 'Parks and Recreation'. Next, you get to add a small gift inside of your box for a fun surprise. Add confetti, bath bombs, candy, face scrubs, candles, or a combination of items. Finally, you get to upload your favorite pictures of you and your S.O. along with a sweet note. Once the box arrives at their door, they will be so happy with your letter and a small gift. Plus– they can tear off the pictures to frame or hang on a photo board, too!

Budget: $20-$30

4. Local Shot Glass

Whether you're going to school in a new city or are starting a new job several states away, you can send a piece of that place to your S.O. Head to a local gift store, landmark or museum to buy a shot glass that reflects your home base. If you're a frequent traveler, you can make it a habit of sending them shot glasses from each new location you visit. They will cherish being a part of your journey.

Budget: $5-$15

5. Jackbox Games

If you guys want to make your relationship interesting with a little competition, you can purchase Jackbox Games for your computer and invite your partner onto a Google Hangouts call. You can share your screen and check out these multi-player computer games together. Popular games include Fibbage, Quiplash, Drawful, and many others. You will surely laugh out loud and you can invite other friends to join. Most games can cater to up to 8 players. If you can't play board games face to face, this is the next best thing!

Budget: $14-$70

6. Rescue Box

If your significant other has a fluffy four-legged friend, this will make both of them beyond excited. Pet lovers will always put their dog or cat's needs before their own, so of course, they would love a package from Rescue Box. This subscription site creates gift packages for cats or dogs of all sizes and includes treats, toys, and more. You will also feel great about your purchase because it also helps send food and provide vaccinations for animals in shelters. You can choose plans with 1, 3, 6, or 12 months worth of packages.

Budget: $25-$35 (per month)

7. RedBubble Stickers

With RedBubble, you can find any sticker in the world that adheres to their interests. Do they LOVE corgis? Do they look at cat memes all day, every day? Are they a plant mama or papa? Well, there are stickers for all of that and more! This small and cheap gift can be added to a nice love letter as a little somethin' extra to show you were thinking of them and their passions. They can spice up their laptop, water bottle, guitar case, etc. with a random sticker.

Budget: $2-$10

8. Mystery Chocolate

If your BF/GF is a sweet tooth, look no further for the perfect candy subscription. Mystery Chocolate will send your sweetheart three chocolate bars per month, but you won't know what kind of candy you're eating. Without labels, you get to guess which flavors and textures you're experiencing. Plus, with each subscription box sold, the company donates two meals to charity. If you want to avoid subscription services, you can also look into bakeries and ice cream shops nearby to your S.O. and see if they deliver. Everyone always needs some sugar after work, or anytime, honestly!

Budget: $20 (per month)

9. A Pencil That Helps The Planet

If they love sustainability and have a green thumb, Sprout is trying to make a difference through a simple school/office tool: The pencil. Use your graphite or colored pencil(s) for a project, then plant it! The seed capsules at the bottom grow into fresh veggies, herbs, or flowers. You can even go the extra mile with this gift and pair it with seed paper to make your notes green AF.

Budget: $14 (5-pack)

10. Matching Undies

If you've ever wanted to make your butt match with your partner's... now is your chance! Pick a funky design or color, your sizes, and your preferred styles of underwear on MeUndies. (I personally have matching pink sloth underwear with my BF and we think it's the funniest thing in the world!) If you're obsessed with the underwear material, you can also buy bras, robes, and more.

Budget: $18-$24 (per pair)

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