10 Ways to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Alive
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10 Ways to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Alive

A How-To From Someone Who Knows

10 Ways to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Alive
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We all know that long distance relationships are a struggle, but can they be done?

"I don't know how this is going to work".
"It's going to be so hard".
"We've never been this far away from each other".

These might have been some of your recent thoughts, for those of you who are college students fighting through a long distance relationship. At times you wonder if keeping a long distance relationship alive is possible. Take it from someone who knows -- it's possible. Of course it's difficult to stay connected to someone who is miles and miles away, but if what you feel towards them is true and sincere, the feelings don't have to change. For those of you who are struggling in a LDR (Long Distance Relationship), here are 10 ways to add some flavor to your relationship that might be craving some.

1. Sweet "good morning" & "goodnight" messages go a long way.

It's really comforting to know that your significant other is thinking about you throughout the day, so a few sweet messages can really direct the mood of that day. It only takes a few seconds to type and if you are thinking about your boyfriend/girlfriend why not let them know? This way, the beginning and end of your day can be great.

2. Random calls can make their day.

Similar to the text messages, calling your boyfriend/girlfriend throughout the day can be a pleasant surprise. Sometimes all you need to have a better day than the last is to hear that one person's voice. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is that person for you, don't be shy of calling them a few times to ask them how their day is going. I'm sure they will be more than happy to fill you in.

3. Take pictures of things that remind you of them and hit "send."

You know when you're just walking to class and you see something that reminds you of someone? Well if this happens and you happen to think of a moment you've shared with your bf/gf, take a picture and send it to them! For example: If you see a monarch butterfly and for some reason monarch butterflies have symbolized something throughout your relationship, capture that moment and share it with them!

4. Send each other "care packages."

Every college student knows what a "care package" is, so why not send your bf/gf one? Even if they aren't attending school, they still need some basic things to use, so why not send them a box of their favorite goodies and some cold/flu medicine just in case they get sick when you're away!

5. Visit each other whenever possible -- don't forget affection!

Being smothered with affection can make your heart come out of your chest, but if you don't get to see your boyfriend/girlfriend often, make sure to remind them how much you've missed them. Although you can show them affection through text, FaceTime or a regular phone call, there's nothing like a long kiss or a welcoming hug!

6. Do things you've never done before. Be spontaneous.

Be spontaneous! When you do see each other, avoid watching movies on the couch or sleeping all day, because those are probably things you have done before. Keep things fresh and new! So to avoid boredom try new things, maybe even things that scare you. You might already be able to tell that I'm a girlfriend in a LDR and I have taken my own advice by deciding to go skydiving this weekend! So if you see an article from me next week, I survived!

7. Make each other things to exchange in person.

Handmade things or small gifts show a lot of thought and can be a great surprise, especially when you're seeing each other after a few weeks or maybe even a few months. Exchanging small gifts can be really exciting, especially handmade ones, regardless of how silly they might look!

8. Send each other letters once in a while.

Writing is a great way to express yourself and let someone know how you feel about them, especially if you aren't able to literally tell them in person. There's something romantic about writing letters to your boyfriend/girlfriend, you know, like in movies! Writing to each other can create a lot of excitement -- can you imagine waiting for the letters to come in the mail? You can even put photos into the envelope!

9. Remind yourselves what it is that you like about each other.

Everyone loves to be reassured and reminded what it is that someone else likes/loves about them. Don't be afraid to get in your feelings! Tell your boyfriend/girlfriend how you feel about them! Love is a beautiful thing, so if you think you're feeling it, don't fight it. Don't fight the feeling!

10. Tell each other about your "new life"-- Fill each other in on things happening to you.

When you went away to college many people told you that you were starting a "new life," so share these new aspects with your boyfriend/girlfriend. When your relationship turned into a LDR, you chose to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend into your new life, so don't leave them out! Even though you're living away from them, don't forget why they caught your eye back home in the first place.

So whenever you're losing faith in your relationship because it's long distance, think about why you got involved with them in the first place. There's a reason you gave your significant other the "boyfriend/girlfriend" title, and they're still that person, regardless of how far apart you guys are (literally). But breaking up over distance is not worth it. Don't just give up when things get hard, because some people are worth fighting for.

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