Some may know the name Lauren Jauregui from the girl band, Fifth Harmony, but if you don't already follow her on her social media, she's now becoming one of the top politically spoken influencers in the media at the young age of 20. She's been using her platform to speak about important issues, from Planned Parenthood to sexism.

On January 21, 2017, she took part of the Women's March in 2017. She spoke out to the Nylon Magazine in her interview that she felt frustrated and alone because she was concerned that she was the only one worrying about all of the political and inhumane issues in the world. After she attended the march, she felt overwhelmed by the amount of voices that were chanting her thoughts that she felt no one else had felt. She finishes her interview off with leaving a possible hint of her partaking activism as a future potential career and that love is stronger than hatred.

Jauregui being a Cuban-American, bi-sexual women, who wrote a letter to Trump, addressed that even though she is a three way marginalized person, she won't let his words and careless acts fear her and the millions of other marginalized people as well. She speaks out about how many women may not see what their future could hold because of how politically corrupted the political system is now and that she will not silence her voice, for her sake and for the millions of other people's sake as well.

Again, if you don't already follow Lauren Jauregui on her social media accounts, I highly suggest you do because not only has she inspired me, but millions of others as well, to partake in what's right and to keep your voice heard.