Is Happiness A Choice Or A Feeling?

Is Happiness A Choice Or A Feeling?

The debate on if we can choice to be happy.

This topic is something that I believe can go either way depending on your opinion. I tend to agree with one side at certain times, and switch back and fourth. Though these are my thoughts of both.

Taking on the debate from the feeling perspective, you can not be happy all the time. You are put in situations that can make you feel happy. Even if things happen that make you sad or upset, for example, a funeral, you can think about the good memories that you have had with that person, making you feel for a moment a surge of happiness. The feeling of happiness can come along without you deciding to do so. It can just pop up on you when you least expect it to. Different things make different people happy because we are all individuals. So with that state of mind, you can not make yourself happy by saying today's the day. You have to do, hear, see, and smell something in order for the feeling of happiness to come along with it.

For those who think it's a choice, I lean more towards this side as well. In my past, if I woke up and said to myself that today was going to be as bad as the one before it then obviously it was going to be. You have to create a mindset that you want to be happy. If you allow yourself the chance to let happiness be a part of your life, then you will ultimately be happy in many of the things that you do.

Happiness may be an overwhelming feeling at times, but we all strive to be happy. For some, it may be their goal for the day because it is not easy for them to feel joy. Those who are going through a rough time, like a breakup, think that they could only regain their happiness by getting that person that they depended on back. This isn't true. Happiness can be found in so many different people and activities that surround you throughout the day. You just have to find it in the little things and appreciate what is being given to you.

Someone once said to look at everything as though they are small miracles. With this mindset I could go through my day and list at least ten:

1. Waking up and being able to live another day.

2. Have running water to keep a good hygiene.

3. New clothes to wear.

4. Being able to eat three meals a day.

5. Snacks.

6. A loving family to argue with.

7. Car to travel.

8. Friends to cherish memories with.

9. Nature to entertain myself.

10. Shelter to sleep under.

These things are general and could be used almost every day as trying to look for the small miracles, so try to look even closer at your own life. Make the decision to be happy tomorrow. Do things that will get your spirits up and make you say at the end that today was a good day.

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8 Struggles Of Being 21 And Looking 12

The struggle is real, my friends.

“You'll appreciate it when you're older." Do you know how many times my mom has told me this? Too many to count. Every time I complain about looking young that is the response I get. I know she's right, I will love looking young when I'm in my 40s. However, looking young is a real struggle in your 20s. Here's what we have to deal with:

1. Everyone thinks your younger sister or brother is the older one.

True story: someone actually thought my younger sister was my mom once. I've really gotten used to this but it still sucks.

2. You ALWAYS get carded.

Every. Single. Time. Since I know I look young, I never even bothered with a fake ID my first couple of years of college because I knew it would never work. If I'm being completely honest, I was nervous when I turned 21 that the bartender would think my real driver's license was a fake.

3. People look at your driver's license for an awkward amount of time.

So no one has actually thought my real driver's license is fake but that doesn't stop them from doing a double take and giving me *that look.* The look that says, “Wow, you don't look that old." And sometimes people will just flat out say that. The best part is this doesn't just happen when you're purchasing alcohol. This has happened to me at the movie theater.

SEE ALSO: 10 Things People Who Look 12 Hate Hearing

4. People will give you *that look* when they see you drinking alcohol.

You just want to turn around and scream “I'M 21, IT'S LEGAL. STOP JUDGING ME."

5. People are shocked to find out you're in college.

If I had a dollar for every time someone had a shocked expression on their face after I told them I'm a junior in college I could pay off all of my student loan debt. It's funny because when random people ask me how school is going, I pretty much assume they think I'm in high school and the shocked look on their face when I start to talk about my college classes confirms I'm right.

6. For some reason wearing your hair in a ponytail makes you look younger.

I don't understand this one but it's true. Especially if I don't have any makeup on I could honestly pass for a child.

7. Meeting an actual 12-year-old who looks older than you.

We all know one. That random 12-year-old who looks extremely mature for her age and you get angry because life isn't fair.

8. Being handed a kids' menu.

This is my personal favorite. It happens more often than it should. The best part of this is it's your turn to give someone a look. The look that says, "You've got to be kidding me".

Looking young is a real struggle and I don't think everyone realizes it. However, with all the struggles that come with looking young, we still take advantage of it. Have you ever gone to a museum or event where if you're under a certain age you get in for a discounted price? Yeah? Well, that's when I bet you wish you were us. And kids' meals are way cheaper than regular meals so there have definitely been a couple times when I've kept that kids' menu.

So, all in all, it's not the worst thing in the world but it's definitely a struggle.

Cover Image Credit: Jenna Collins

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7 Little Forms Of Self-Care You Can Do On The Daily

Everyone has bad days, let's make them a little better!


The truth is everyone has at least one bad day in their lives. Even though some don't want to admit it, there are small things that everyone can do to make their bad days a little bit brighter.

1. Write encouraging notes/quotes in your planner.

I found that writing small notes of encouragement above random days in my planner makes me smile when I'm stressing in lecture.

2. Find a great new song to listen to.

For me, perusing Spotify for a random playlist, whether it be a throwback song that I forgot about or a brand new song by an artist that I never listened to can brighten my day.

3. Clearing your desk and starting fresh.

Small things like organizing and clearing my desk make me feel a lot better. I clean off the trash and random papers that don't need my attention at that very moment and I'm ready to restart. Even putting my tabs into OneTab, an add on for most computers that files your open tabs, and focusing on one class at a time is relaxing.

4. Lighting a new candle/putting a new scent in your diffuser.

A new scent can actually change the mood that you are in. I just changed the wax in my warmer and I already feel more open to what is next to come.

5. Make your bed.

If it isn't a habit of yours already, just make your bed. It is much more refreshing to come back to your room to a nice bed rather than just wanting to jump in and forget all your responsibilities.

6. Call your mom, grandma, or grandpa.

Just hearing my mom's voice makes me feel a lot better. Even if it is "time consuming", I promise you will feel so much better!

7. Clean out your phone.

Delete old pictures, apps, social media, and contacts that you don't need or want anymore. By doing so, it will open up more space on your phone and open more head space.

No matter how bad your day is, just know that it will get better!

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