10 Easy Things To Improve Your Week That Take Less Than Five Minutes

1. Tidy up your work space and bedroom.

It is so much easier to focus (and relax) when you’re not engulfed in a pile of papers and dirty clothes. Make it a goal to do a quick pick-up every night and don’t let your room or work space get out of hand. Clean room = clean mind

2. Plan out your week and what's due.

Invest in a planner or a whiteboard calendar that you will actually use. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, even just a plain piece of paper will work fine. Before the start of the week, write down everything that is due and when. Things will seem a lot less overwhelming when you can physically see it. Once you write it down, you may see that it is a lot less scarier than it seems.

3. Eat a healthy breakfast and eat often.

Make it a goal to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning or pack one to take with you to work or school. It is a lot easier to focus and be positive when your stomach isn’t screaming at you. Bring a healthy snack and/or lunch that you can eat in class or at your desk. Even last night's left overs will work perfect.

4. Express gratitude!

Every night and morning, think about five things that you are thankful for. Either write them down or say them out loud. Start a gratuity journal, or you can even join a gratuity group on Facebook to add some positivity into your feed. My favorite is Raw Alignment's Gratitude Group.

5. Stay hydrated.

You've heard this more times than you have been told to floss. Since your body is made up of mainly water, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Keep a water bottle within arms reach or use a straw, as you are more likely to drink more when its right in front of you.

6. Take short breaks often

Don’t be afraid to take time out of your day to do things you enjoy. Whether its watching TV, playing with your dog, or playing World of Warcraft-- take time to relax. Just like your body, your mind gets tired too. Just don't let a 5 minute study break turn into a 5 month study break.
There are apps such as Forest that help you stay productive and away from your phone. This app plants a virtual tree, and if you exit out of the app to look on Facebook or anything else, the tree dies. The more you stay focused, the bigger your forest will grow!

7. Listen to uplifting music

Surround yourself with inspiring music and use music as a motivational tool. Remember: sad music will only make you sadder.

8. Unfollow or unfriend negative people on social media

Again, don’t surround yourself with negativity. Unfriend or unfollow people who constantly post negative and malicious things. If it's too awkward to unfriend that one person on FB, go to their profile and click "unfollow" to stop their posts from showing up on your feed (they'll never know). Or, stay off social media all together.

9. Follow inspirational people - raw alignment

Social media can be a great motivational tool. Following people who are motivated and positive will increase your motivation and mood. Alyse of Raw Alignment on Youtube has some great motivational videos and all around great vibes. She's incredibly motivating and will give you tips and tricks on how to be a better version of yourself!

10. Minimize, minimize, minimize.

Ever notice that one shirt you haven’t worn in years? Get rid of it. That one thing that you might use someday for something... maybe? Get rid of it. Old school papers? Pitch it. That shirt that is way too small but you'll be able to squeeze into it maybe someday? Get rid of it.

Don’t hold on to things you don’t use, as it only clutters up your house. Start by getting rid of 2 items a day, it takes no time at all. Donate the items if possible, trade them with a friend, or last resort-- throw them away. Less material items means less things to worry about. If you haven't used it in the past few months, you probably won't ever use it in the future. And if you really need an item like that in the future, you can buy it again. Again, Raw Alignment has some wonderful videos on her minimalist way of living.

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