One Life Is One Too Many
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One Life Is One Too Many

I will not stand in silence anymore. I will speak up for those who can't.

One Life Is One Too Many

Unfortunately I have recently lost someone that made the decision to take their own life. Suicide is many times referred to as the cowards way out, but I don't believe that is true. I believe that if a person is at the point that they can take their own life I believe that in their mind they have tried everything they could to do to make things work and all possibilities failed. Depression and suicide are extremely touchy subjects but enough people have lost their lives.

There are so many people who are told to get over depression but no tells anyone to get over other medical issues. People with depression can have a chemical imbalance in their brain that causes their depression or just depressing thoughts that cause them to eventually have suicidal thoughts. Either way they need just as much medical attention as someone with the flu. Depression is something that can no longer be brushed under the rug. It must be talked about, it must be brought to light, and it must be taken seriously. For those people who believe that others are unable to be depressed because they didn't have a hard life, well to be blunt that's bull. For many people they can have depression and have no idea why. People don't have to have a hard life to have depression. Depression isn't always about being sad. Depression can be about feeling lost or empty, like you don't have a place. People are constantly told they are not to show emotion or that they overreact but why is what I want to know. Why is overreacting over emotional? Why is it bad to show emotions?

There is no cut and dry answer to any of these question because what is seen as overreacting to some people may be expressing oneself to someone else. What I do understand though is that we need to stop judging one another. We need to quit telling men to not show emotion because it tells others that they are weak. We need to quit telling women that they overreact and show too many emotions. People can feel and express themselves however they would like. People need to stop being judged for seeking help for depression. There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help to get past the bumpy road. There are men, women, and children that commit suicide everyday and everyone always seems to wonder why. Why they did it and why they didn't ask for help but people don't ask these questions soon enough. Questions need to be asked before its too late.

May 4, 2016 will now always remind me of an amazing person, who I cared about dearly, and the day that he took his own life. We as a society need to look at the rate of suicide and make a change to stop it. My contribution to this change is becoming a psychologist. I want to help people get through the rough patches and see the light at the end of the tunnel. One life is one too many lost.

Rest easy Steven. You are loved and missed.

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