With so many articles coming out on "if ____ were ____," I came up with the thought, what if the men we ladies (or gentlemen) date were dogs -- because girls love any sort of cute and cuddly face of our K-9 companions. Of course, there are many professions and characteristics I did not mention, but I chose seven common professions we find our eligible bachelors in and matched them with the breed I believed resembled their career the most. So have a little fun and see what your man would be if he were a dog (the good kind we all love and want to cuddle, not the ones your parents and friends warn you to avoid). Here they are:

1. Nation’s Protectors (police/firefighters/military): German Shepard

This one is the most obvious of the matches as both are commonly seen as a team protecting our country and local communities in various forms. German Shepards are one of the most courageous, obedient and loyal breeds and often used as a defender of a family’s home. They have high intelligence and focus while performing at great strides on given jobs and known to be fearless, confident and devoted to their loved ones for life. Many of these qualities we also see in our police force, firefighters and military, hence the pairing that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

2. Personal Trainer: Pit Bull

Many personal trainers are also commonly thought of “gym rats” and stereotyped to be a**holes but are more often than not misunderstood as they are very loyal, health-oriented and strong -- similar to that of the Pit Bull. Both love to remain active and clown around and being around people, making them the perfect combination and a great partner. A personal trainer has an active lifestyle and a lot of meal prepping dates but just being together makes him happy. While he may be all muscle, he’s really just a big teddy bear.

3. Frat Boy: Chihuahua

Wary of strangers and newcomers and known to be obnoxiously loud at times, a Chihuahua is a perfect breed to describe a frat boy. A Chihuahua is very loyal to those it trusts, just like a frat boy’s loyalty to his brothers and house. Both are territorial due to their significant level of loyalty to loved ones and will talk a big game but avoid confrontation when approached. Chihuahuas are also strong willed and make great companions and are known to tolerate and accept their own breed before another (ever go to a frat party where other guys not in the house are turned away?).

4. Lawyer: Husky

If any dog breed matched the traits of a lawyer, it would be the Siberian Husky. While the husky is generally good-natured with everyone, it can have a high prey-drive, much like a lawyer trying to win a case. They are sly, clever, and known escape artists with extreme intelligence and drive to learn and exercise -- just like that of a lawyer who dedicated to his work and creating a strategy to defeat his opponent in the courtroom. While this one will give you a loving and successful life of a significant other who is doing well with his life, be prepared for arguments to be well-thought out and don’t even try lying.

5. Farmer: Border Collie

Of course if a farmer were to be any breed it would be the Border Collie -- one we often see with farmers as a duo who keep the farm running smoothly. Farmers are constantly taking risks, especially with mother nature and must take calculated measure to every decision they make, much like the Border Collie. Both are your typical workaholics who love their jobs and get antsy when cooped up indoors. A highly intelligent species who loves working cattle and playing the protector of the farm, it is no surprise if the farmer were any dog, it’d be the Border Collie. While dating a man who is a farmer may be trying and create some long days, you will not find anyone more family-oriented and master of all trades than him.

6. Doctor: St. Bernard

Most known for their rescue capabilities, I matched St. Bernard for doctors and those in the medical profession. As a gentle giant, both are known for their loving characteristics and willingness to always help those around them. St. Bernards are mostly used as a docile and loving family companion or for rescue attempts, most often in the snow and after avalanches in the mountains. Any time they can get away, doctors typically love spending time with their families and taking vacations to various locations in search of adventure -- much like the St. Bernard.

7. Entrepreneur: Scottish Terrier

Businessmen and entrepreneurs are at their best when they have mastered their game face and persistence is key to their success. It is these qualities that make them match perfectly with the personality of a Scottish Terrier. Scotties are known for their stoic characteristics and ability to surprise and cause trouble without warning. They also are very particular in their appearance and to those they meet but have great memories and an intelligence that can manipulate anyone in their path. Entrepreneurs and Scotties have high energy and fearless in most situations and take risks, making them a match made in heaven.