So, you want to plan a vacation to the beach, but aren't quite sure what to pack? That happens. If you are like me, you might take a bunch of stuff that you won't actually need or even use.

This beach packing list includes all the essentials you need to enjoy some fun in the sun.

So, splash around a bit, layout, relax, and enjoy your opportunity to soak in the beauty that is the beach!

1. Sunscreen


It's number one for a reason because protecting your skin needs to be a priority.

2. Plenty of swimwear, bikinis, swim shorts

Or, anything else that can get wet and multiple suits for multiple days, you never know.

3. A cooler or snack bag


Usually, when you go to the beach, you plan on spending a few hours there. So, it may be a good idea to pack tons of water, a few snacks and maybe some lunch while you're at it. Side note: when I go with my friends, we often stop at Subway beforehand.

4. Towels


You know, in case you want to get in the water or just have something to lay on.

5. Blankets, chairs, umbrellas, etc.

Works the same as the towels, but can also give you some shade. If you're lucky, these thing may be rentable.

6. Entertainment

building sand castles

As we have already established, you'll probably be there for some time, so it might be a good idea to bring something to do. If you have young children, maybe some shovels and buckets to build sandcastles and water holes (my sister and i did this a lot when we were little). If you're older, a good book and headphone and usually the best. Of course, if you're not into any of that, people watching is always fun too.

7. An outfit for later


I mean, it's not something you specifically need, but I always bring one, so I can get out of my sandy swimsuit and into dry, comfy clothes.

8. Some type of water shoes

mesh water shoes

(Or shoes that you don't mind if they get wet.) I normally bring my Chacos (at least since I've had them), but a good old pair of flip flops work too. Mesh ones would probably be the best though as they can be for both in and out of the water.

9. Beach GO bag

beach bag

This is to throw in anything, like towels, a book, a speaker, sunglasses, snacks, and sunscreen.

10. A kite

flying kites

Not everyone does this, but if it's windy enough, flying a kite on the beach can be fun.

11. Sunglasses or a sun hat


Because let's face it, who want the sun beating down in their eyes when they are trying to get a tan?

12. Dry bag

beach dry bag

They have saved electronics a number of times and easily can pay for themselves when traveling to beach destinations. They pack up easily and are lightweight so there really is no reason not to have one.

And lastly, don't forget to have fun.

Happy Beaching!