Leave the ACA Alone
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Leave the ACA Alone

The new health care crisis.

Leave the ACA Alone

There is an ‘old school’ phrase that speaks to the current issues regarding the recent health care crisis of today. This phrase is “leave well enough alone.” Of course, the former heath care instituted by former president Barack Obama was not without imperfection but it was very successful nonetheless. There were numerous benefits of the but that is not the primary point. The point is that the healthcare Act should not have been removed. Perhaps, it could have been improved but the heath care reform bill to be implemented by the Trump Administration seems to be a downgrade, a massive downgrade. With so much hostility towards “Obamacare” one would expect a superior reform but is so bad even some republicans have withdrawn their support for it.

Moreover, it was hard to ignore that many oppositionists seemed to oppose the bill based on some vendetta as if they had been personally attacked. The war on Obamacare was often times comical but it was a very serious matter. Although this aspect was comical there were also some “substantial” reasons for why they opposed the bill. Such as the belief that healthcare should be privatized and that it should not be placed in the hands of the federal government as that undermines the constitution and expands government.

This statement, however, is still upsetting because it exemplifies the fact that at times political party ideals appear to be more harmful than helpful. This is because politicians seem to pledge allegiance to the ideals of a party just because that is how they identify themselves rather than supporting what is most beneficial for the people. Protecting and serving the people is one of the most important duties of the government amongst others. So, if Obamacare was benefiting the population by covering pre-existing conditions that were not previously covered and doing it in a more affordable way, why replace it? Healthcare should be a non-partisan issue. Do whatever it takes to make sure that more people are being insured and that the economically underprivileged have access to decent and equal healthcare just as others.

If this healthcare reform bill were as beneficial or more beneficial than the Affordable Heath Care Act then there would not be as much vocalized frustration as there is. But the fact that so many people could potentially suffer under this new healthcare is saddening and frightening for many. Under the new reform, healthcare providers are now able to raise prices for certain pre-existing conditions and they are allowed to deny treatment for health conditions.

These are just a few of the pre-existing conditions that can be effected:



Alzheimer’s Disease

Anemia (including Sickle Cell)




Bipolar disorder


Cerebra Palsy (infantile)

Congestive Heart Failure

Cystic Fibrosis




Hepatitis (Type B, C or Chronic)

Menstrual irregularities

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy


Organ Transplants

Parkinson’s Disease


Psoriatic Arthritis

Seep apnea


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