As a sagittarius, I'm a person who gladly welcomes change. When it comes to my hair though, I'm a person who always wants to change it but I'm terrified of how it will turn out.

It's that fear of what people will say or how they'll look at you. I've always had that fear and for that very reason have never really tried anything out of the box, until recently.

I decided to cut off 5 inches of my hair, which may not seem like a lot but it sure was. Those 5 inches changed my hair from being medium length to a long bob style.

At first, I honestly thought I was going to look like an older version of Dora because my hair is so thick. Thank the heavens above, the look really fits my personality and the new changes that I plan on achieving.

I plan on taking my life back into my own hands and changing for the better. With a more professional haircut, comes a more mature outlook on life.

No more worrying about petty drama or what others say behind your back. It's time to let that go and leave all the negativity in the past. The past is the past for a reason, we aren't meant to dwell on what has happened. You move on and let go.

My new haircut is going to be the change that I drastically needed in my life to be who I truly am.