11 Ways You Can Actually Be A #GirlBoss In College
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11 Ways You Can Actually Be A #GirlBoss In College

Slay the college game so you can slay the career game.

11 Ways You Can Actually Be A #GirlBoss In College
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When I think of a #GirlBoss, I think of a well-dressed business woman that runs her own company in the busy streets of New York. I think of my ultimate goals and how once I reach those, I will finally reach my #GirlBoss status. But, that's not how it works.

A #GirlBoss has always been a #GirlBoss, so you might as well start gaining those skills now so that you can kill the game later! We've read the books and watched the influencers, so let's let the third part of my #GirlBoss series commence with how to be a #GirlBoss in college.

1. Take the time to find yourself

You hear this all the time when you're in college that this is the time to find yourself and as corny as it sounds, it's true. You learn a lot about yourself when you're in college. You learn what methods of studying and working work best for you. You learn what sort of sleep schedule you need to be at your best, and most importantly, through the killer finals weeks and group projects, you'll learn that you are capable of anything.

2. Take control of your mental health

My mental health has been something I've struggled with for a long time, and college has really proven my strength through it all. With the help of my friends and family, I've been able to take control of my mental health and what it's done to hold me back.

Educating yourself on your mental health and any issues that you may face with it on a daily basis is the first step to taking control of it. Mental health issues, unfortunately, never go away. But, you can learn to take it and roll with them.

3. Network, network, network

One of the most important things I've learned in college so far is that networking is the key to life. Whether it be networking with others in your major or your internship, it is vital that you know everyone. You never know who you'll be working for, with or who your friends will be working for, so it's wise to be on good terms with everyone you come across in your path.

4. Take advantage of the resources around your university

Your university is full of hidden gems that will be of great advantage to you; you just need to find them. There's everything from career fairs, organizations, financial assistance and counselors. The best part is that they're all there for YOU, so don't be afraid to take what's yours.

5. Get rid of bad habits

With our busy lives, we're likely to pick up some not so great habits that can make our busier lives feel even more chaotic. Cutting out bad habits such as snoozing your alarm seven times in the morning, binge-watching "Gossip Girl" until three in the morning or procrastinating your homework to the last minute will vastly improve your life. Trust me.

6. Stay optimistic about your future

Your goals are your own, and if you're not going to be positive about reaching them, then who will? It's your life, so take control and get what you want out of it.

7. Make smart decisions with your goals in mind

Life tends to work in a multitude of domino effects; if you make a smart move, then you'll continue to make smart moves until you reach your goal point. If you make a bad move, it'll lead to several bad outcomes and setbacks from your goal. Making good decisions and not repeating poor ones will break the domino effect if you consistently keep your end goal in mind.

8. Compete with YOURSELF

One of the most difficult hardships that you'll face in college is comparing yourself to other people in your major and feeling the need to compete against them to get what you want. This can not only be mentally exhausting but is completely unnecessary. This is a time of growth and gaining of skills. You won't gain skills by beating someone else out of an internship, you'll just miss out on opportunities to do your own thing to get where you want to go.

9. Don't let setbacks stop your grind

You're definitely going to face setbacks, whether it be forgetting that you had a quiz in your hardest class or not getting the internship you wanted. Things get worse before they get better. Everyone faces problems in their path but that doesn't mean there's any room to doubt yourself.

10. Take everything as a learning opportunity

You can't let these things hold you back because you could be using every 'negative' thing as a learning opportunity to do better next time. Forgetting due dates? Use a planner. Rejected by your dream internship? Follow up and find out what they're looking for and improve based on the feedback. It only goes up from here.

11. Surround yourself with good people

The best piece of advice you'll ever receive in college is to surround yourself with positive and uplifting people. You want friends that encourage you to be the best version of yourself and ones that see your potential and won't let you stand by anything less than that.

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