9 #GirlBoss YouTubers You NEED To Start Watching This Year
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9 #GirlBoss YouTubers You NEED To Start Watching This Year

You're just one video away from changing your life for the better.

9 #GirlBoss YouTubers You NEED To Start Watching This Year
Tana Mongeau / YouTube

Welcome to part two of my #Girlboss series! This series is to help you find your inner #Girlboss by finding the perfect role models to get you there. You can find part one of my series, here, where I list books written by the best #Girlboss authors.

This list, however, will be the best #Girlboss YouTubers! So, now you can read and watch powerful women that have made a name for themselves all on their own. YouTube has always been a special part of me and is such a great platform to look toward when you need a little inspiration (and maybe even a laugh).

1. Kalyn Nicholson

If you’re a frequent reader of mine, you’re probably thinking, "OK we get it, you like Kalyn Nicholson. You have an entire article about her right here." Kalyn creates videos on topics such as adulting, motivation and organization tips, self-care and so much more. Whenever my busy schedule starts to feel chaotic, I can always count on one of Kalyn’s video to pick me back up.

2. Tana Mongeau

If you’re familiar with Tana Mongeau, then you know she isn’t your average #Girlboss. She has a ton of storytime videos on how she’s had an insane childhood, her stalker she’s had since elementary school and a lot of (hilarious) Uber incidents.

She has also had her fair share of scandals that she’s gotten past and is continuing to move forward. Mongeau has accomplished a lot in her relatively short time in the spotlight, and I don’t see her accomplishments dying down anytime soon.

I think she definitely belongs on this list because she touches on a lot of subjects that aren’t usually touched on that a lot of women could have also gone through, and it’s so important to find someone like that.

3. Ingrid Nilsen

If you’ve been on YouTube for a while then you may recognize Ingrid Nilsen as ‘Miss Glammorazzi.’ If you haven't, then I have great news, she’s still making weekly videos on topics such as life lessons and even touches on race and sexuality in videos such as this one.

I’ve always been drawn to her constant positivity because no matter what she’s going through at the time, she never forgets to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. She knows there’s always going to be one.

4. Lauren Elizabeth

I absolutely LOVE Lauren Elizabeth. If you’re one of those people who thinks that YouTubers don’t actually do any ‘work,’ think again. She is the epitome of the modern working woman. While a lot of her work remains on the web, she has also done a lot of acting for AwesomenessTV and regularly uploads videos for her cooking series “Cooking with Lauren.”

5. Loey Lane

I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Loey Lane through Twitter, where we’ve become really good friends. She has incredible advice and speaks on issues such as body confidence and eliminating common stereotypes that are applied to plus-size women. She is absolutely someone that you need to add to your weekly watching list.

6. Siena Mirabella

If you look through my YouTube history, my most frequently watched YouTuber is definitely Siena Mirabella. There’s something about her that just makes you want to be productive and get your life together. And if you are someone that appreciates Tumblr aesthetic homes, you’ll love this girl and her picture-perfect apartment in southern California.

7. Tess Christine

Tess Christine has been in the YouTube community for a really long time. She’s most well-known for her organized video series; she creates 'Get the Look' videos and, more recently, her New York tour guides.

8. Margot Lee

College is hard and can get annoying really fast. Whether it’s dorm life or sorority vibes that you’re interested in, Margot Lee has got you covered. She has become an expert on making college a fun experience while still getting everything done.

9. Lavendaire

Lavendaire has multiple videos on her struggle through gaining self-confidence and battling stress and anxiety. She talks about her life and shares what she’s learned to help women who could be struggling with similar issues and how she lives her day-to-day life with them.

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