You've been through a lot, I get that. You probably didn't think you'd make it this far but you did. You've probably felt like the world was going to end a couple times, but it didn't. You made it through some of the hardest times in your life. It's time to be proud of yourself.

Who cares if you've made some terrible decisions in the past? You're young and you've learned from those mistakes and have chosen to never relive them. People have probably hurt you a lot in the past which made you hate them. You hated them so much it caused for your heart to be full of hate rather than love. You stopped that. You learned to forgive, not for others but for yourself. You can't fill your heart with hate or else you'll never fully be happy.

You've learned to fill your heart with love rather than hate.

You used to hate your body. You used to be the type of girl that wouldn't look at herself in the mirror in a public bathroom because you never really felt beautiful. That changed. You started to find the little things about your body that you love and learned to love yourself. You're constantly working on yourself and creating the body and lifestyle that makes you happy. Your self-esteem rose.

Now you post selfies everyday and you're constantly taking pictures of your bodies transformation.

You used to blame the world for your problems instead of changing them yourself. You thought the world was out to get you when in reality it was all in your head. You were and continue being your own worst enemy.

We're human and we go through a lot. There are going to be times where you're going to go back to that dark place and that's totally normal. Not everything is perfect and it won't always be. The important thing is that you're finding ways to get through the hard times and truly enjoy the good times.

Take a minute to be grateful that you're alive and that you've never given up on yourself. You've been through a lot and will continue to go through a lot. It's life and nothing is ever meant to be easy. Sometimes you fall but as long as you pick yourself back up, you're winning.