Guys often make the mistake of sending the wrong message, physically and literally. A girl wants to feel special like she is the only one, not like a piece of meat who only gets called on at night. Every girl knows what the real meaning of the nighttime "Wyd" text and each time it's sent your reputation goes down the drain.

Here are 5 reasons why sending a text a 2 A.M. will get you nowhere and a "good morning Beautiful" text will get you where you want to be.

1. If she gives you her number, don't abuse it by texting her a 2 A.M. 

The game you're tying to play here is not new, and we are on to you.

 2. The 2 A.M. "Wyd" text most likely means you're drunk 

No girl wants to listen to the drunk guy ramble on, especially if she isn't drunk like you.

3. Even if I was awake at that hour a text back isn't going to happen, like ever 

We have more self respect than that.

4. I already know I am most likely not the only person who received this "wyd" text 

Trust me, girls aren't stupid. We know if we received it than others did to and now it's just a matter of who responds.

5. A "Good morning beautiful" text is respectful

We all already know your end goal, but taking different steps towards that goal will make it 10 times better. Genuinely respecting the women your interested in will put you on the top of her list.

Don't be that guy. Be the guy who gets a girls number and sends a text in the morning asking how her night was. Take her on a date and make her feel special. This will get you a long, long way.