Dear Future Self,

Who knows how long in the future I'll end up reading this... 5 years?? 10?? Future Ally, whatever you're doing, just stop and take a breath. It's so crazy to me to think who I'll be in 10 years. Will I be married with kids? Will I have my dream job? Will I be happy?

It's a scary thought as a little baby freshman in college. In 10 years I'll have graduated from college, will probably have a job, expected to be independent and supporting myself.

Future Ally, whatever you're doing, I just want you to know that I'm proud. No matter what you're doing, I'll be proud. Know that whatever decision you made, it was the right one. You're here now, and you're exactly where you need to be.

A couple things to remember: you've just changed majors and dropped a major class that was causing you so much stress... and you don't regret it even for a minute. You're so happy right now! You have a boyfriend that you love, an amazing roommate and great friends, and you're finally getting the grades you've been working towards. You have an amazing support system and the best family, who are always there for you and making sure you know that.

I hope you feel as happy now as I do as I'm writing this. I hope you're at peace with yourself and still have the amazing support system you have as I'm writing this.

I love you.