13 Fun Fall Date Night Ideas
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13 Spookily Romantic Fall Date Night Ideas

They're scary good.


With the chilly seasons quickly approaching us (don't worry, it's still 90 degrees outside, you summer lovers), the inevitable happens. Fall is all about being cozy and comfy. Don't get me wrong, that's what I truly love about fall, but sitting in countless nights and watching "Hocus Pocus" with your significant other might get a little old.

No need to worry! These 13 date night ideas will satisfy all the couples out there. Whether you're looking for something scary, something cozy, or something to eat... I got you.

1. Have a scary movie night.

Grab a blanket and a bowl of popcorn and cuddle up with your boo. This date is for you lazy couples (like me). Just for that, I linked a great scary movie list. You're welcome.

2. Carve pumpkins.


Nothing brings out the competitive sides of couples quite like pumpkin carving. Trust me. My boyfriend and I carved pumpkins together last year, and he wouldn't share his paint with me because he knew mine was going to be better. If you're a competitive couple who can have fun making fun of each other, this is the date for you.

3. Head to a food truck festival.

These are the best kinds of dates. Walking around sampling different food and getting to do it (fair warning: usually for a hefty price) with your significant other.

4. Plan your Halloween costumes.


If you're a die-hard Halloween lover like me, then this date is perfect for you. Grab some inspiration, whether it be magazines, Instagram, or Pinterest, and get to work!

5. Host a murder mystery party.

Grab a few of your closest and sneakiest friends and host a night full of fun. Have everyone come in a costume related to the theme of the chosen game (i.e. the '20s). Sit back and watch your friends turn into full-blown detectives and criminals.

6. Go to a haunted house.


There are countless attractions wherever you are that will be sure to scare you enough to not want to return until next fall. Grab your loved one and hold on tight!

7. Attend a football game.

Fall is known to bring out the inner cheerleader in all of us. Throw on your favorite team's jersey and get ready to scream. Go Birds!

8. Go on a hayride.


Okay, I know the majority of us are a little old for a hayride, but... are we really? A hayride with your significant other will definitely bring out the romance in your relationship this fall!

9. Cuddle at a drive-in movie.

My favorite date! Grab as many blankets, pillows, and snacks as you can and make the drive to your local drive-in. Make sure you hide that candy, though! Bonus points if you take a pick-up truck. Laying in the bed of the truck cozy + movies + your boo = best date ever.

10. Have a bake-off.


This is another perfect idea for competitive couples! Grab your S/O and head to the grocery store. Now, split up and grab the ingredients you need for the perfect dessert. Once you're both set, head back home and get to it. May the best baker win!

11. Have a bonfire.

Whether it's just you two or a group of friends and family, a cozy night by the bonfire with s'mores and music will leave you heart-eyed for your S/O and for fall!

12. Take a scenic drive.


Nothing quite screams fall and romance like driving through back roads looking at the trees and being with your S/O.

13. Do a spa night.

I don't care how masculine you or your significant other is. Everyone loves a good spa night (yes, even you). Buy some face masks, grab your robe and slippers, and kick up on the couch and binge-watch your favorite shows. Bonus points if it's scary!

Whichever date(s) you and your boo choose to do, I hope you have as much fun doing them as I did writing about them. Happy Fall, y'all!

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